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Triathlon is all about buoyancy, speed, flexibility, and confidence. All of these come from the wetsuit you are wearing. A high-quality triathlon wetsuit is the triathlete’s best friend. If you have the right triathlon wetsuit on then, no one can stop the inner confidence to brim out.

Your triathlon wetsuit will provide all the comfort, elasticity, and buoyancy as it is specifically made for triathlon. These wetsuits are made with the finest neoprene that adds to the flexibility of the product.

A triathlon wetsuit has an anatomical design that fits tightly to your upper body without making you feel choked. It has ultra-flexible panels under the arm that provide free mobility during the swimming session.

Most of the tri wetsuits consist of super composite skin that prevents water drag, which, as a result, enhances your speed. They have zipper enclosures at the back and easy out cuffs and legs for quick transitioning. These wetsuits are designed in such a way that they prevent water from getting inside.

Best Triathlon Wetsuits

Listed below is a compilation of the 10 best triathlon wetsuits that are manufactured by the leading brands.

NeoSport Sleeveless Wetsuit
NeoSport Sleeveless
  • Sleeveless
  • Calf leg design
  • Stretchy and flexible
TYR Sport Men’s Hurricane Wetsuit
TYR Sport Hurricane
  • Comfortable fit
  • Convenient transitioning
  • Everlasting and weatherproof
ORCA Men’s Fullsleeve Wetsuit
ORCA Fullsleeve
  • Bamboo fibers
  • HydroLite panels
  • For tall triathletes
SEAC Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit
SEAC Body-Fit Wetsuit
  • Designed for men
  • Beautiful camo pattern
  • Made up of latex polyurethane
BlueSeventy Women’s Wetsuit
BlueSeventy Wetsuit
  • Full zipper closure
  • Ideal for women triathletes
  • Increased speed & minimum water drag

1. NeoSport Premium Sleeveless Wetsuit for Optimal Flexibility and Comfort

  • Sleeveless.
  • Calf leg design.
  • Stretchy and flexible.

NeoSport Sleeveless Wetsuit

Neo-sport makes the best triathlon wetsuits for men and women. They are breathable, flexible, and easy to carry. Everything about this triathlon wetsuit is extremely inviting. From fabric to construction quality to stitching, this product is made of industry-leading materials.

First of all, it is made with neoprene that makes it extremely stretchy and flexible. Neoprene also makes the wetsuit highly stable at a wide range of temperatures. It also comes with a heavy-duty YKK zipper that adds to the durability and ease of use.

NeoSport wetsuit is breathable and comfortable to the skin. The skin-tight fitting of this triathlon wetsuit prevents the water from getting in. It comes in a sleeveless design that allows for more free movement of your arms.

In addition to that, this triathlon wetsuit is sewn just according to your upper body structure. This is why it also contributes to free range of motion. Moreover, it has a Velcro collar that adjusts comfortably and prevents water from getting inside of it. It also provides the right amount of buoyancy to make you shine bright in the triathlon.

Moreover, the lightweight of this product increases your performance and speed. You can perform in a triathlon with all your ability and without any hindrances.

Furthermore, it comes with a calf leg design that allows for an easy and quick change of body position. All the tags are easily removable so that you don’t have to experience any agitation due to the tags.

The best thing about this triathlon wetsuit is that it consists of spot tape that is reinforced on the stress spots. The seams are sewn and glued that locks out water and is hard-wearing. Moreover, it is made with durability and flexibility in mind, so you need not worry about the two.

Overall, the NeoSport triathlon wetsuit is all you need for your game. The tri wetsuits come loaded with tremendous features to make them popular among triathletes. It provides unlimited flexibility and buoyancy to make it easier for you to swim and move.

It consists of water locking spot tapping for the stress areas and strong stitching to make it extra durable. The calf leg and sleeveless design allow for easy, quick movements. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight and fits comfortably so that you can perform with all your glory.


  • Lightweight.
  • Good buoyancy.
  • Locks out water.


  • Tight collar.

2. Comprehensive Review of the TYR Sport Men’s Hurricane Performance Wetsuit

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Convenient transitioning.
  • Everlasting and weatherproof.

TYR Sport Mens Hurricane Wetsuit

Next up, we have TYR Sport Men’s Hurricane wetsuit. This triathlon wetsuit is specifically made to increase your performance by minimizing any sorts of limitations. TYR wetsuit is considerably one of the best triathlon wetsuits for beginners that provides ease, flexibility, and ultimate buoyancy.

This featherlight wetsuit maximizes your speed and allows convenient body movements. It is made with neoprene that gives the wetsuit elasticity, durability, and lightweight. The wetsuit is super stretchy and takes the shape of your body, allowing for convenient movement.

If you are an ambitious triathlete, you can very well excel your skills conveniently with this super breathable and lightweight wetsuit. What makes it one of the best triathlon wetsuits is its wide range of sizes. It comes in 8 different sizes that make it a widespread product.

It is made with top-quality material making it everlasting and weatherproof. This wetsuit material is such that it can endure high body heat and is less prone to damages. Although it is a lightweight wetsuit, it keeps you warm in cold weather conditions.

It fits snug on your body and prevents the water from getting inside to spare you from uncomfortable experiences. It comes with a form-fitting wrist cuff that locks water and increases your overall performance.

Moreover, this wetsuit comes with tapered legs that allow for convenient transitioning. The star feature of the TYR wetsuit is its UV protection, which makes it one of the best wetsuits 2023. Considering the sun damages that occur these days in sun exposure, this wetsuit provides UPF 50+ protection. You can use it fearlessly in any weather conditions and show peak performance.

If you are an aspiring triathlete, then this wetsuit is the one for you. It comes with a lot of features that can make you ace the competitions. For instance, it is super lightweight and flexible that increases your speed, and allows for convenient range of motion.

Although it is skin-tight, it also provides extreme comfort and prevents water from getting inside. It also comes with quick-release ankle cuffs for a convenient transition during a triathlon.


  • Durable and flexible.
  • UPF 50+ protection.
  • Speed wrap paneling.


  • Issues with the size reported.

3. ORCA Men’s Premium Full-Sleeve Performance Wetsuit for Advanced Aquatic Adventures

  • Bamboo fibers.
  • HydroLite panels.
  • For tall triathletes.

ORCA Men’s Fullsleeve Wetsuit

ORCA is popular for manufacturing the most durable, comfortable, and long-lasting wetsuits. This brand is trendy among triathletes as they find infinite comfort and flexibility in their cheap wetsuits.

This specific product is designed for men from medium-tall to very tall heights. This product is thus one of the best wetsuits for tall triathletes. The fabric is super stretchable that fits tightly yet comfortably on your body to prevent water from getting in.

ORCA men’s wetsuit is made with high-quality neoprene thickness that gives it all its elasticity and durability.

In addition to that, this wetsuit is fully buoyant and flexible, allowing you to carry out all tasks with ultimate perfection. It’s super composite skin gentle on your body and reduces friction in water so that you can swim at a fast pace. It doesn’t absorb water and locks the water out to prevent any water seepage.

Moreover, it is made with weatherproof material that means high heat has the least effects on it. Moreover, this wetsuit keeps you warm in cold weather conditions, so you can easily carry it in all weathers.

Furthermore, transitioning during the triathlon isn’t an issue at all. This wetsuit is equipped with HydroLite panels that make it extremely convenient to take it off. It increases your buoyancy and swimming capacity so often, making you rip through the water with great speed and less effort. It is therefore proven to be one of the best wetsuits for poor swimmers.

Another star feature of this wetsuit is its inner nylon lining with bamboo fibers. Such a type of lining makes it extremely soft and adds to the flexibility. You wouldn’t feel choked wearing the ORCA S7 wetsuit at all.

Overall, this is an amazing wetsuit for entry-level performance. It provides free body position and movement, be it for swimming or for running. This wetsuit is made with the best neoprene that adds to the maximum flexibility.

Moreover, it comes with HydroLite panels that allow you to take it off easily and quickly. In addition to that, the wetsuit consists of a nylon inner lining that is incorporated with bamboo fibers. The wetsuit feels gentle on the skin and tough in the game to make you play with confidence.


  • Nylon lining.
  • Extremely stretchable.
  • Weatherproof material.
  • Easy transitioning with this.
  • Lock water from getting in.


  • Issues with size.

4. SEAC Men’s Body-Fit Premium Neoprene Diving and Water Sports Wetsuit

  • Designed for men.
  • Beautiful camo pattern.
  • Made up of latex polyurethane.

SEAC Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit

Another amazing product from our best triathlon wetsuits is the SEAC men’s wetsuit that steals the show with its beautiful camo pattern. The beautiful camo pattern on this wetsuit makes you shine bright among your contenders.

This product doesn’t go hard on your pockets, which makes it one of the best triathlon wetsuits under $200. It is made with nylon and neoprene that makes it stretchy and durable. Besides, the fabric does not absorb water keeping you dry from the inside.

In addition to that, this wetsuit is extremely breathable and doesn’t make you feel like choking in it.

Moreover, this wetsuit is sewn anatomically, which means it perfectly fits your body without making you feel squeezed. The suit’s legs and arms are pre-angled, which means you can move your limbs as freely as possible by wearing this wetsuit. No one can stop you from giving your best performance if you have this comfortable wetsuit on.

This triathlon suit is specifically designed for men keeping their broad shoulders in mind. Moreover, it provides a wide range of sizes for you to choose from. This product comes in 5 different sizes, which is incredible.

In addition to that, the SEAC men’s wetsuit comes with ankle seals that prevent water from getting in and keeps you warm at all times. The inner nylon lining of the suit is extremely soft; keeping you comfortable all the time. This wetsuit also consists of knee protection made up of latex polyurethane, which adds to the overall durability.

In addition to that, your chest and sternum are fully protected with 2mm Melco tape that surrounds all these areas. All in all, this wetsuit is a tremendous option if you are looking for an affordable yet durable wetsuit for your triathlon.

Overall, this is a super soft and comfortable wetsuit made up of neoprene and nylon. It has anatomical stitching that allows room for movement. In addition to that, it also comes with latex polyurethane knee protection and protection for the chest and sternum area.

Also, it fits tightly to your body without making you feel choked. The wrist and ankle seals are gentle to your skin preventing water from getting inside the suit.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Anatomical design.
  • Super stretchy and comfy.
  • It consists of knee protection.


  • Size issues for plus size.

5. Comprehensive Review of the BlueSeventy Women’s High-Performance Wetsuit

  • Full zipper closure.
  • Ideal for women triathletes.
  • Increased speed & minimum water drag.

BlueSeventy Women’s Wetsuit

Blueseventy is well known for manufacturing a wide variety of costumes for swimmers and triathletes. This specific new suit is ideal for women triathletes that demand less drag in the water and increased buoyancy. It is made with thin neoprene that makes it super light and adds to the speed.

It consists of composite skin in the areas that are involved in the movement. The reason for that is to increase flexibility and prevent any discomfort due to hindrances. You will experience free limb movements wearing this wetsuit throughout the triathlon.

For added comfort, the collar height is kept lower to prevent it from rubbing your skin. The SCS creates a strong coating around the legs and arm areas that resists water for increased speed and minimum water drag.

Moreover, it is designed so that it keeps your posture upright and minimizes the risks of back pains. It also consists of oversized arm patches made up of a thin jersey that adds more flexibility to these areas. It makes swimming convenient as this jersey patch allows for free movement of the arms.

The fabric covering the entire arm is made with the thinnest neoprene that makes it super breathable and flexible. In addition to that, this wetsuit consists of easy out ankles for fast transitioning. The material used in the ankle areas is super elastic, which makes it convenient for you to take off the costume.

BlueSeventy comes with a full zipper closure that allows for a quick transition. All in all, this is one of the best entry-level wetsuits as it provides ultimate convenience and supreme flexibility.

Overall, this super stretchy women’s wetsuit will take your triathlon experience to the next level. It keeps you warm in the cold weather, and the material is super gentle on your skin. It comes with easy out ankles, which makes it easier to transition.

Also, it consists of oversized stretchy arm gussets that allow for free mobility. Lastly, the material is super breathable that is made up of 1.5mm neoprene that also increases buoyancy.


  • Right buoyancy.
  • Extraordinarily flexible.
  • 1.5 mm Yamamoto neoprene.
  • Oversized arm gussets for convenient mobility.


  • Not ideal for very long torso.

6. ROKA’s Advanced and High-Performance Triathlon Wetsuit for Competitive Athletes

  • Move @ fast pace.
  • Unfettered arm mobility.
  • Hydrophobic nano coating.

ROKA Triathlon Wetsuit

ROKA Maverick falls under the best triathlon wetsuits category due to its “Arm-Up” construction and other fantastic features. Why most of the triathletes like it because it allows for free arm movement in any direction.

You wouldn’t feel restricted wearing it because it is designed to provide you unfettered arm mobility. It is thus one of the best triathlon wetsuits for good swimmers as well as average swimmers. It is made with the best neoprene that allows for elasticity and freedom to move.

The overall fabric is waterproof, making you glide through the water with superspeed. It provides just the right percentage of buoyancy, making you outshine among all your contenders. This wetsuit makes you feel at ease and allows you to step into the game with ultimate confidence. The full anatomically sewn wetsuit moves with your body, allowing you to move @ fast pace without any setbacks.

Moreover, the internal linings of this triathlon wetsuit are super kind to the skin and feel ultra-breathable. This full triathlon costume keeps you warm in cold weather conditions, making it one of the best triathlon wetsuits for cold water.

In addition to that, it consists of composite skin that moves along with your body to minimize drags and improves speed. This SCS also aids in mobility, making it convenient to rip across the water with all your might.

Moreover, it also consists of a hydrophobic nano-coating that also contributes to minimizing the water drag. Moreover, you can easily transition as this wetsuit is extremely easy to take off. Lastly, this product is ultra-durable and locks the water out.

Overall, this wetsuit is worth every penny as it provides some amazing features. First of all, the Arms-up construction allows for free and convenient shoulder movement. It is made to deliver increased buoyancy, mobility, and durability. It consists of composite skin and hydrophobic nano-coating to minimize water drags.

In addition to that, it allows for fast transitioning and is super comfortable from the inside.


  • Highly durable.
  • Super skin.
  • ARMS-UP construction.


  • Not for super tall people.

7. The Advanced Synergy Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit for Enhanced Performance and Comfort

  • Anatomical design.
  • Silicone-coated neoprene.
  • Provides required buoyancy.

Synergy Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

Next in line is the ultimate Synergy triathlon wetsuit for women that is not only full of features but looks super classy. This specific wetsuit has an anatomical design for a comfortable fit. It moves along your body to provide a feeling of ultimate freedom.

Synergy adrenaline is best for all level games; hence it can be used by beginners and experts. It is a high endurance wetsuit and also keeps you warm in cold waters. Moreover, it provides unmatched buoyancy and flexibility.

This wetsuit comes in a wide range of sizes; hence no one should feel left out when trying it out. Most of the time, lean women with towering heights find it difficult to find their size. Fortunately, Synergy adrenaline has a size for them as well. It is, therefore, one of the best triathlon wetsuits for tall skinny women.

Moreover, the anatomical design of this wetsuit aids you in keeping your posture upright. Besides, the internal lining of the wetsuit feels extremely soft to the skin without making you feel too tight or choked.

Synergy adrenaline consists of hydrodynamic SCS silicone-coated neoprene that increases the flexibility of the suit. Additionally, it comes with a 5mm buoyancy panel that makes it a perfect swimming wetsuit. It is extremely convenient to take off for transition.

The wetsuit comes with a non-corrosive YKK zipper that doesn’t get stuck at all. The low neck allows for breathability and provides ultimate comfort. Lastly, it is a highly durable wetsuit that comes with a 2 years warranty.

If you are looking for an extra soft wetsuit that provides correct buoyancy and flexibility, Synergy adrenaline is the one for you. It comes with a super-soft inner lining that keeps you warm and comfortable.

Moreover, it uses Yamamoto neoprene that adds to the flexibility. The seams of this wetsuit are chemically bonded to lock out water. Lastly, it reduces water drag and allows you to swim with ultimate speed.


  • Soft to the skin.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Non-corrosive zipper.


  • The arms are tight for some.

8. Zone3 Men’s Advance Wetsuit

  • Perfect for entry-level triathletes.
  • Speedy removal during the transition.
  • Easy and free movement while swimming.

Zone3 Men’s Advance Wetsuit

Zone3 is popular for its flex-fit shoulder; therefore, it is one of the best triathlon wetsuits for broad shoulders. The shoulder panel has improved flexibility that allows for more easy and free movement while swimming.

In addition to that, Zone3 uses Free-flex paneling under the arms that allow for a more comfortable fit and free movement. You wouldn’t feel any kind of obstructed movement wearing this wetsuit due to these extra flexible panels. Moreover, it shows some classy looks making you look prominent among all the competitors.

This wetsuit is perfect for entry-level triathletes for the comfort and convenience it provides. It consists of a laser-cut collar that prevents chafing and provides ultimate comfort all along.

Moreover, the collar construction is highly impervious and locks out water as much as possible. It has a soft internal lining that provides the feeling of extreme comfort throughout the day. The wetsuit is extremely durable and uses top quality material to make it long-lasting. It is also highly enduring and keeps you warmer when it’s cold.

Moreover, this wetsuit poses no threat to the earth and proves eco-friendly to great lengths. It is made with shreds of rubber tires to make sure no waste goes to the earth.

Besides, this wetsuit consists of prospered cuffs coated with silicone that allows for speedy removal during the transition. This triathlon costume also comes with quick removing swim leg panels that also aids in fast and convenient transitioning. Lastly, the Zone3 wetsuit is extremely lightweight and minimizes water drags several times.

Overall, this is an amazing triathlon wetsuit that provides fair buoyancy. It is made with eco-friendly material, and the company makes sure their product poses no threat to the environment.

Moreover, it is an extremely lightweight wetsuit with free-flex paneling under the arms to allow for free mobility. Also, these wetsuits consist of flex-fit shoulders that provide ultimate comfort throughout the game.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Keeps you warm.
  • Provides buoyancy.
  • Lightweight wetsuit.


  • Ripping in the shoulder area.

9. BlueSeventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

  • Powerful strokes.
  • Spend less energy.
  • Minimizes rubbing and maximize mobility.

BlueSeventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

Next in line is another production by BlueSeventy that will stun you with its quality and performance. The wetsuit has a classy design and uses top of the line materials for its production. This wetsuit is popular among the majority of triathletes for the features it has.

This entry-level wetsuit provides an extra bit of elasticity to provide convenience in swimming. You will experience not a tiny bit of obstructed range of motion while wearing this wetsuit. Moreover, it is made with a thinner neoprene that ensures it is durable yet lightweight.

In addition to that, BlueSeventy wetsuit has an anatomical structure that instantly takes the shape of your body for added convenience. The fabric moves along your body that allows for more efficient and powerful swim stroke.

It has a 3-4-4 design meaning it is a bit thicker around the core area, offering a body lift. This design increases a person’s efficiency without spending a lot of energy. Moreover, this wetsuit consists of 1.5mm arm panels that add to the flexibility allowing you to make power swim stroke during swimming.

The SCS coating incorporated in this wetsuit prevents water drags and offers fast-paced swimming. The collar has a low construction that minimizes rubbing with your neck and maximizes mobility.

Moreover, the collar doesn’t allow water to get in, preventing you from any sorts of discomforting feelings. The zipper is very smooth and non-corrosive allowing you to have a speedy transition during the game. Also, it comes with easy out ankles that make it effortless and quick to take the wetsuit out.

All in all, this is an extremely buoyant wetsuit that will take your triathlon experience to the next level.

Overall, BlueSeventy triathlon wetsuit is all you need for your triathlon. This is one of the best entry-level wetsuits that offers a wide array of features. It provides extra flexibility and buoyancy to make you win the game.

In addition to that, this wetsuit also feels gentle to the skin as it consists of a soft internal lining. This product consists of SCS coating that minimizes water drag and maximizes your speed. Moreover, the flexible arm paneling allows for free mobility so that you don’t have to feel any obstructions.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy mobility.
  • Low collar construction.


  • It might be a bit tight for larger people.

10. ORCA Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

  • SCS coating.
  • Nylon lining.
  • 513% of elongation rate.

ORCA Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

The last product from our best triathlon wetsuits has to be the ORCA S7 women’s triathlon wetsuits. This being the last product on our list doesn’t make it any lesser than the rest. It comes with some fantastic features that combine to give an extraordinary performance.

First of all, it has a great design and gives off some classy looks to make you feel confident. It is made with top quality neoprene that is supplied by Yamamoto. The fabric feels ultra-light on the body and is extremely gentle on the skin. It locks out water and allows for great flexibility during the swimming phase.

Moreover, this wetsuit provides the buoyancy you require, so it makes the swimming a bit effortless. This product proves great for entry-level triathletes as it provides a great amount of convenience. This wetsuit has a 513% of elongation rate that allows for unlimited mobility.

Although it is made with thin neoprene, the durability of this wetsuit is unrivaled. It fits comfortably on the body and provides ultimate breathability. Additionally, the anatomical construction of this product increases nothing but convenience and performance.

Moreover, it has an SCS coating that reduces the water drag as much as possible. In this way, you will notice increased speed during swimming by putting less amount of effort. It also consists of HydroLite panels that aid in quick transitioning during the game.

It comes with an inner infinity skin lining that provides ultimate comfort. The nylon lining combined with bamboo fibers makes it cotton soft and locks out water as much as it can. Lastly, this product is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Overall, this wetsuit can go beyond your expectations. It is made with the thinnest neoprene having 513 percent elasticity. This wetsuit is lightweight and consists of an SCS coating that allows for more buoyancy and less water drag.

Also, it has a soft internal lining that provides unlimited comfort. Moreover, this product is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, preventing you from any allergies.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Ultra-soft internal lining.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of size range.

How to Choose the Best Triathlon Wetsuit?

Best Triathlon Wetsuits - Buying Guide

A triathlete is very specific about the wetsuit he buys. Your wetsuit can affect your overall performance in a good or bad way. Therefore, you need to be very speculative before buying a wetsuit for the triathlon.

Especially if you are a beginner, are very tall, or have broad shoulders, then you need to consider a few points before making a purchase. A good wetsuit can increase your speed during swimming and allows for more efficiency.

Listed below are some of the points you need to focus on before buying a wetsuit for yourself.


One of the essential features you need to look at is the buoyancy your wetsuit provides. Your wetsuit needs to be buoyant enough to keep you afloat. Extra buoyancy might cause setbacks in your performance.

Therefore you need to look at the type of water you will be swimming in. If you mean open water swimming, then you will need a wetsuit with more buoyancy. In that case, the swimming phase will require less effort.

On the other hand, a wetsuit with too much buoyancy might cause aches in your back and makes swimming much more difficult.

Shoulder Flexibility

Swimming requires a lot of flexibility; therefore, you will need a wetsuit that is elastic enough to provide free mobility. There are a lot of wetsuits that have thinner material around the shoulders and chest. This thin and stretchy material allows for free arm movement without any obstructed feeling.

Moreover, such wetsuits provide a wide range of movements so that you can deliver your best performance. It is, therefore, best to get your hands on the one that allows for more free movements of your shoulder.


As we have discussed above, swimming requires a wide range of body movements. Therefore, you will need a flexible wetsuit—something that is elastic enough to allow you to move your limbs wherever and however you want.

You will put in extra effort if you are wearing a less flexible wetsuit, which can cause sore muscles. Therefore, if you want to perform with freedom, then you ought to get your hands on a wetsuit that provides great flexibility.

Size and Fitting

No one can perform well in a loosely or too tightly fit wetsuit. A triathlon wetsuit that is too tight might cause discomfort during the game. It can cause chafing on your skin and might restrict your mobility.

On the other hand, a loosely fit wetsuit can cause other problems such as water filling and obstruction. All the brands provide a wide range of sizes for different body shapes and heights. You need to check carefully and test your wetsuit for fitting before purchasing it.

In addition to that, you need to check if it fits properly around your neck. The collar shouldn’t allow water to get in else; it would cause a lot of problems. The neck collar shouldn’t be too tight to cause rubbing or chafing.

Besides, you also need to check the cuffs and legs before investing your money. Make sure the cuff and the ankle area seals perfectly to prevent water from getting in. Moreover, make sure the wetsuit has a proper fitting so it is easy to take off during transitions.


The next question you will want to ask yourself before buying a wetsuit is if it’s going to keep you warm in cold water or not? It is an important consideration to make as you might have to swim in cold waters sometimes.

The wetsuit you are going to buy should tend to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. Moreover, it should prevent water from getting in so that you don’t feel discomfort.


The type of zipping of your wetsuit will determine how fast or slow you can transition during the game. It is always wiser to choose the zipper that is convenient for you to pull up and down.

Moreover, the zipper-type you are going to choose should be non-corrosive and smooth. Before buying a wetsuit, check the zipper several times to be 100 percent sure it works properly. This pretty much sums up everything you need to consider before buying a wetsuit for the triathlon.


Is it faster to swim in a wetsuit?
Yes, a wetsuit makes you swim faster for multiple reasons. Besides keeping you warm, it also minimizes the water drag that, as a result, enhances your speed.
Is it easier to swim in a wetsuit?
Yes, it is way easier to swim when you have your wetsuit on. Most of the wetsuits have super composite skin coating that minimizes water drag that makes you swim faster. Also, a wetsuit keeps you warmer in cold water conditions.
Can you use any wetsuit in a triathlon?
Yes, you can use any wetsuit for triathlon provided you are comfortable with it. The wetsuit you are using must have 5mm thickness; if it’s more than that, then you might experience difficulties in swimming. For instance, there will be less buoyancy, and you will need to put more effort into making strokes.

Final Verdicts

A wetsuit provides a wide array of advantages for triathletes. Triathlon requires efficiency, speed, flexibility, and good performance. A triathlon wetsuit is something that may aid in bringing out all that.

It makes you feel confident and stress-free. The lightweight, buoyancy, and flexibility of the triathlon wetsuit, together with your performance, will make you stand champion.

Out of all the best triathlon wetsuits listed above, here are our top 3 recommendations.

In a nutshell, a triathlon wetsuit is a triathlete’s best friend. These wetsuits provide great convenience and comfort to the player wearing them. The above-mentioned products are manufactured by industry-leading companies.

They guarantee nothing but reliability, durability, and performance. We hope this article proves to be an authentic source for you to find the right product.

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