Best Triathlon Forum Websites for Beginners & Professionals

Triathlon forums are targeted at providing everything a triathlete wants. Whether it’s triathlon training plans, used or new triathlon gear, articles, blog posts, training partners, events near you, or anything else related to triathlon, you will find all of them on a triathlon forum.

Triathlon forums are equally beneficial for beginners and amateur triathletes. On these forums, you interact and compete with triathletes and coaches in the virtual world. Some forums also give you access to world-popular triathlon coaches.

Triathlon Forums

In this article, we have enlisted the ten best triathlon forums in the USA, Australia, and UK.

#1. Best triathlon forums UK

1.1) 220 Triathlon

220Triathlon is one of the best triathlon forums. Thousands of triathletes from various regions visit this forum every week. This forum allows triathletes of every category to start discussions on various topics. Triathletes can chat with each other, share their experience and ask for advice on this platform.

You can ask for the best triathlon training plans on this platform, as there are thousands of experienced and professional triathletes to help you out. You can also share your triathlon training program that you found the best.

It’s an ideal place for beginner triathletes as they can seek advice from Triathletes using this forum.

1.2) TriTalk

TriTalk UK is another famous triathlon forum with thousands of triathletes visiting every week. This forum has seven categories on the website dealing with multiple triathlon topics.

The first category is named general, where website visitors can post and read triathlon related content, articles, and blog posts. There is no specific topic, and it acts as a discussion and guidance platform for the triathletes.

The second category is for events. This category will provide all the updates related to nearby, national and international events. This category is beneficial for triathletes to track and join triathlon events in their region.

The third and fourth categories are specific categories for triathlon training and gear, respectively. These categories are discussion platforms for triathletes where they can seek advice related to triathlon training plans and gear. The fifth category is an off-topic category.

The sixth category is a marketplace, where triathletes can sell and purchase their personal triathlon goods. The forum doesn’t allow any advertisements for commercial products. Moreover, you can sell and purchase your gear at your own risk, as the forum does not take any responsibility.

The seventh and last category is the feedback category, where you can share your valuable feedback on various forum activities and services for improvement.

1.3) Runner’s World

Runner’s World is another popular triathlon forum in the UK. The forum has various categories, providing benefits to the triathlons of different categories in many ways. You can register yourself on this forum to take full advantage of every class. You will find guides related to gear, nutrition, training plans, and upcoming events.

This forum allows you to chat with triathletes having different experiences and find your training partners also. The discussion on varying triathlon topics lets the triathletes discover and overcome their weaknesses.

The Runner’s World Triathlon forum has a particular category for beginners. In this category, beginners can find the most suitable training plans, guides, nutrition advice, and many more.

To stay informed about upcoming events and news, you can sign up for the Runner’s World newsletter.

#2. Best Triathlon Forums Australia

2.1) Trichat Transitions

Trichat is the biggest triathlon forum in Australia, with lots of blog posts, and triathlon articles. You will get the news, notifications, and reports related to triathlon events in your region on this forum. It also includes the result report and press releases, keeping you aware of every triathlon activity near you.

Moreover, there are millions of discussions and informative blog posts related to numerous triathlon topics. From training plans to nutrition and gear, you will find the best advice on this forum. You can chat with triathletes, seek advice, share your experience, find coaches and training partners on this forum.

2.2) TriathlonOZ

TriathlonOZ is one of the most famous triathlon forums. It is an information and social network forum that provides a multitude of information and guidance to triathletes in Australia.

This forum has thousands of articles and blog posts related to fitness, best triathlon training plans, and triathlon events. You can register yourself on this forum to get the monthly newsletter.

Moreover, this platform offers some premium services for fitness, training, nutrition, plans, and coaching services. They have exciting and discounted deals for their members also. The best about this forum is that it has a free online tracking tool for its members.

Their ExplorOZ tracking software updates your position in real-time using the iMapPlot system. The forum has a classified section on which you can buy and sell your triathlon gear. This is the best place on which you can purchase the best triathlon gear at competitive prices.

The forum provides various free tools like BMI calculator and pace calculator, on which you can calculate these parameters entering your workout information.

2.3) Zwift

Zwift triathlon forum is a platform that lets triathletes interact virtually. This forum is open for discussions and queries. Thousands of athletes with different lifestyles, backgrounds, and levels share their experience, guide the triathletes and create informational content.

You can join this forum to get the latest triathlon news, read the articles and guides and seek advice. Unlike other triathlon forums, this forum doesn’t offer the sale and purchase of triathlon gear.

#3. Triathlon Forums USA

3.1) Slowtwitch

Slowtwitch is one of the biggest triathlon forums in the USA and at the global level. This forum lets millions of triathletes interact in the virtual world. Thousands of triathlon topics are open for discussion on this forum. You can ask your queries, share your experience and reply to the other’s questions.

You can find triathlon coaches, training partners, and the best triathlon training plans on this forum. Moreover, you will get the latest news and event notifications near you on this forum.

The best part of this forum is its classified section. You will find tons of used triathlon and bike gear. This is the biggest marketplace of used triathlon gear and accessories in the USA. The forum is ideal for beginners who cannot afford the professional triathlon gear for practice and training sessions.

3.2) Beginner Triathlete

This is one of the most active triathlon forums in the USA. The forum has thousands of active triathlete members interacting and competing in the virtual world.

The special thing about this forum is that, it is dedicated to helping out beginner triathletes. However, it doesn’t mean that the forum is not beneficial for amateur or elite triathletes.

You will find coaches, premium training plans, fitness and nutrition guides on this forum. Moreover, the forum is open for discussion for infinite triathlon topics. This forum has a blogs and article section from where you can extract the most helpful information.

The classified section of the forum is open for selling and purchase. This is another best market for beginners to buy affordable triathlon gear. Moreover, there are thousands of product reviews that will help you find the best products.

3.3) TriRadar

Triradar is a highly active triathlon forum USA. This forum has many services to offer to its members like taring plans, coaching guides, product reviews, informational blog posts, magazines, etc.

Moreover, there are informational blog posts written by triathlon coaches, giving you the best insight on this multi-sport race.

3.4) TeamUsa

This is the official USA triathlon forums founded by the United States Olympics Committee. Everyone can join this forum, but there are some restrictions regarding content sharing and commenting.

Before you post an article, story, and comment, you should carefully read their policy. If you do not abide by the rules and regulations, your content is blocked by the team USA. This is an active forum where you can interact with US triathletes, coaches, and triathlon training partners.


No matter which Triathlon Forums you choose, it depends whether you got clear answers for the confusions you have or not. You find like-minded people and this thing lets you stay positive and motivated. Location is the secondary thing, you connect with people who are far away from you but they are doing the same as you. Discussing things broadens your vision, and ultimately a positive change in workflow i.e., training. Don’t wait for it, pick some forums of your interest and start participating.

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