What is Triathlon? – Distances, Relay, Transitions, And More

What is Triathlon? It is a race that consists of three different sports, and you have to swim, run, and do a bike leg/ cycling.

What Is Triathlon Sport All About?

Triathlon sport will test the abilities of an athlete. Moreover, you will have a better fitness level after getting proper training for triathlon sports. Besides that, you can improve your swimming and running speed after taking part in a triathlon.

Moreover, triathlon relay can be divided with others, so one person doesn’t have to struggle alone. Excited? Read on to know more about tri-race.

Let me tell you a fact that aerobar hydration for triathlons is a game-changer in the world of multisport endurance events. These specialized hydration systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your triathlon bike setup, providing a convenient and efficient way to stay hydrated during the race.

What Is Triathlon Race?

What Is Triathlon Race

The triathlon race contains three different stages. However, you have to complete the whole game. No matter which position you get, you’ll be rewarded with a medal. Best of all, you will have an opportunity to interact with other people from different cultures.

On top of that, you will have a continuous race with three types of sports. The shortest Triathlon will end in just 80 minutes. However, if you have zero fitness levels, consider taking part in the short distance triathlon.

On the other side, those athletes who have impressive fitness levels should participate in the Triathlon alone. Even if you have command over one sport among the running, swimming, and bike leg, take part in the triathlon relays. Below is our guide. We will tell you more about what is Triathlon and its relays.

It would help if you had a pair of running shoes, a triathlon watch, a good bike, helmet, swimming suit, and googles. These are the basic requirements of a triathlon.

Got familiar, what is Triathlon? Let’s get to know about the order of Triathlon.

Triathlon Order

It’s always better to familiarize yourself with the rules and orders of the game you are going to take part in! Triathlon is one of them. It involves range of sports in different time duration.

Just equip yourself with the right tools and gadgets and you are good to go!

The order of triathlon events is: Swim, Bike and Run.

This simply means, you start with open water swimming followed by bike racing and finally ends at running.

You might be thinking, why the events occur in this order?

Well, there’s no specific reason for that. Triathlon is a mass sport that happens along with the competing triathletes all over the world and if we talk about IRONMAN triathlon, it’s hard enough.

Swimming part is hard to do and most of the hazardous of rest of two sports. It is obvious that, if you stop swimming, you drown! So, this makes sense of putting swim leg first to avoid risk of drowning.

As far as the biking is concerned. You might have experience seeing Tour de France, and know accidents do happen. The final sprint involves high risk. This is mainly the reason of avoiding the triathlon to end with bike race.

Though triathletes have to run more as they swim since the mile of distance for running is more than swimming. Being a triathlete it’s easy to run than swimming. After bike race, you do prepare yourself for running such as triathlon running shoes and wearing other stuff ensuring you are ready to compete for triathlon.

The length and time duration for all three sports vary from race to race. Head over to triathlon distances for more information.

Moreover, You can find triathlon events near you on Tri Find.

Below is the detailed information about transitions that happens in triathlon. Keep up the read!

What are Triathlon Transitions?

The triathlon transitions are the phases when you are switching between one race to another. For instance, if you complete swimming and you are out of the pool, you will be looking for your cycle that is the first transition phase.

You have to be very quick in the transition phase because other participants might find the bike, and your number goes down.

Additionally, you have to place the helmet after cycling on the right spot because it might cause a penalty if you keep it on the wrong spot. In fact, you might disqualify if you don’t keep the helmet at a visible spot.

The Triathlon’s last transition phase is when you keep the bicycle in the rack and take off your helmet. Now you have to wear running shoes and go for the final race.

Thus, the transition phases should be very quick, and you should not waste much time changing the gears. Also, the time of the transition phase will be counted in the who triathlon time. So you should keep enough practice to wear the helmet and running shoes in 20 seconds only. Your time while changing the gears should not exceed up to 30 seconds.

Therefore, if you waste time, there will be a huge difference in winning and making the competition tougher.


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A triathlon event will begin from the swimming, and you have to complete the first phase for entering the second one. In rare cases, the swimming race will happen at an open site such as a river. Usually, you have to swim in the pool.


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Next up comes the cycling session. This cycling session comes after swimming. Therefore, once you are out of the pool, you have to grab the bicycle. Ensure that you park the bicycle at a prominent place so you can easily find it after the swimming race without any anxiety.

However, it would help if you had a mountain bike that has gears. Triathlon cycling doesn’t involve fancy equipment.


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The last transition of the Triathlon is running, and you have to keep on motivating yourself because your legs are often sore after cycling and swimming. After cycling, you can stretch the legs muscles and then go running.

Training Yourself for Triathlon

Training Yourself for Triathlon

First of all, you should learn swimming for taking part in the Triathlon because it is the 1 phase of the race. Moreover, tri-race training can be done by yourself as well. You can start swimming in open water. However, most of the triathlon swimming races happen in the swimming pool.

Besides that, triathlon training involves faster running speed, so you must run every day to have better speed. Lastly, you have to practice the bike leg for the fastest ending at a triathlon game. Other than that, you can split the three parts of race with other fellows by taking part in relays.

However, all triathlon race does not provide an option of relays or mixed relays. The winner of the Triathlon is the person who completes the three stages in the quickest time. Moreover, the triathlon races are motivating because they provide medals to each member who takes part in it.

Furthermore, the transition time of all three races are combined, and then the final decision is taken by the judges. However, the race can exceed more than 80 minutes easily if the distances are longer.

To know more about the Triathlon, keep on reading!

What are Triathlon Distances?

The triathlon race distances are not the same. You can take part in the Triathlon by looking for its distance. The beginner triathletes will go for the race that is super sprint. In the super sprint race, you will have to swim for 400 meters, bike leg for 10 km, and run for 2.5 km.

Other than that, you can choose the higher triathlon distance; you must have a better fitness level. The Ironman triathlon distances include 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of the bike ride, and 42 km of run. Those who like to have tough challenges can go for the ultra-triathlon races.

What Is The Olympic Distance?

In the early 2000s, the Olympic distance was having 1.5 km of swimming, 40 kilometers of a bicycle ride, and 10 kilometers of running. Other than that, at triathlon race in the early 2000s had the following distance:

  • 0.9 miles of swim
  • 24.8 miles of cycling
  • 62. miles of running

It is the international standard of a triathlon race. Moreover, the triathlon game had some alterations after some years, and the final distance for a triathlon game was fixed at 1.5 km for swimming, 40 km for a bicycle ride, and 10 km of running.

What Are Benefits of Triathlon?

There are numerous triathlon benefits. For instance, you will have a variety of sports to play. Moreover, you will have various locations to practice three different sports. Your health will be better, and you will become more active after swimming, running, and cycling.

Furthermore, you will have stronger joints, and these three triathlon sports will make your health state better. And that’s not all, and you will have improved breathing and blood circulation of the body after running.  Moreover, it would help if you worked on controlling your breath for swimming and cycling.

Other than that, you can spend your leisure time while practicing these three sports of Triathlon. Additionally, you will have an option to change the sports activity once you feel bored doing it. Thus, you can switch from running to swimming and from swimming to cycling. And indeed, racing is one of the best ways to discover new areas and see beautiful nature.

So if you want to take part in the Triathlon and discover new locations, search for the upcoming triathlon event.

What Is Triathlon Relay?

A triathlon relay split the race into three persons. Thus, one person does not have all the burden to complete the Triathlon. Additionally, the triathlon relay has 3 team members. Also, you can make the team with two others who have the best skills in sports.

So you can share the race with your fellows, and it will be even more exciting. We recommend picking your skill among running, cycling, and swimming. If you are good at running, the other two athletes should have the fastest swimming and cycling speeds. Other than that, the triathlon relays are easy to complete.

Which Triathlons Give An Option To Do Relay?

While signing up for the relay, you have to check the directory of race. Most of the triathlon relays have a distance of 70.3 meters. Besides that, the triathlons relays have similar distances to Olympic distance.

Other than that, the independent triathlon races have a distance of 140.6 km. However, the Triathlon for ironman doesn’t provide an option of relays or mixed relays.

How Does Relay Of Triathlon Work?

The triathlon relays include three people, and each person will complete one race. Moreover, after completing the TI, one team participant will give the timer to the other, and the second one passes to the last one. In this way, the triathlon relay work.

Best of all, the triathlon relays are exciting and more enjoyable because it has other team members. However, the sign up for the triathlon relay is not free, and it will cost higher. Besides, you can divide the cost into three to take part in it easily. Furthermore, the triathlon race relay will give a medal to all the participants. That is why they are expensive than simple triathlons.

Triathlon Brick Training?

Triathlon Brick Training - srcgadgets.com

The triathlon brick training includes training in different disciplines. You will know what the advantages of triathlon brick training below are:

1.    Brick Training Is Time Saving

The triathlon brick training is time-saving in practicing several activities at a time. Moreover, you can practice swimming first and then do other sports. Other than that, you don’t need to change for cycling after swimming.

Additionally, you will have a better fitness level once you have started practicing the triathlon sports. In fact, you can make a group and practice the activities. Additionally, the triathlon brick training will help you to save time and put more effort into training.

2.    It Prepares The Body For The Triathlon Requirements

The brick sessions are very helpful because you will have a better fitness level. For instance, brick training teaches how to get into the next transition phase after completing one. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to make your leg muscles stronger.

So you will be able to warm up and stretch the leg muscles quickly. In addition, your legs will not feel heavy, and you can manage easily while going to another triathlon race.

3.    Brick Training Will Enhance The Confidence Level

After having the brick training sessions, you can easily boost your confidence level in a triathlon race. Moreover, you will know how to perform on the race day. Best of all, you will know how to complete the race easily without giving up in the middle.

Workout Sessions Of Triathlon Brick Training

Below we’ll discuss what is triathlon brick training:

Session 1: Of Brick Training For The Sprint Distance

You can try the brick training from the sprint distance for avoiding fatigue while working out. Moreover, you will have the practice of riding a bike speedily. Other than that, you will have better endurance for completing the indoor and outdoor workout sessions for a triathlon.

  • You can ride a bike daily for at least 90 minutes at a steady mediums speed level.
  • The next step is to go for a run for at least 20 minutes at a medium speed level.
 Session 2: Of The Brick Training For Boosting The Speed

For boosting the speed, you have to get into session 2 of brick training. Moreover, you should do this session at an indoor place for cycling. Besides that, you will have two-speed levels while doing the brick session 2 to get ready for the race day.

  • You have to ride then bike for 15 minutes to warm up the body. After that, you have to do the cycling for at least 8 minutes at high speed you need in the race.
  • Further, you have to run for 4 minutes at a fast speed and then take a break for 3 minutes.
  • Next, ride the bike for 7 minutes and then run for 3 minutes at race speed.
  • Pull through for 1 minute
  • Lastly, you have to go cycling for 10 minutes.
Session 3: Brick Training For Olympic Distance

Session 3 of brick training for Olympic distance includes shorter running distance, and you have to run at speed, which is easy for you. Moreover, you have to practice the session 3 brick training one time every week.

Besides, you should not try doing it frequently because it will cause fatigue. No doubt, the brick training for Olympic distance will improve the endurance of an athlete. And the good news? You will not have cramps in legs after doing it once a week.

  • You can go for a bicycle ride for 80 to 2 hours at a steady speed.
  • After the bike ride, you have straight up go for the running for 30 minutes at a normal speed.
Session 4: Speed Workout For The Olympic Triathlon Distance

Next, up in the brick training session, we have a quick workout that is tougher than the previous triathlon workout sessions. In fact, you will have fatigue after doing this workout session for 48 hours. Furthermore, you have to go for a bike ride as a warm-up, and then you have to run for at least 20 minutes.

  • You have to go cycling for 30 minutes at a steady speed. Other than that, you have to increase the pace after 10 minutes and then come back to the normal speed for 10 minutes.
  • Furthermore, you have to switch to running immediately after 10 minutes. In this session, you have to jog faster for 10 minutes, and then you have to switch to running normal pace speed should be faster.
Session 5: Ironman Brick Workout

Session five is a bit longer than four, in this session of a brick workout. You can improve the speed and set one target that you have to complete the cycling or running in that time frame. So if you usually run for 90 minutes and go cycling for 2 hours, keep the same routine for the next few weeks.

After practicing running and cycling for the same time frame, you will have better speed and capacity at the end of the week. However, you have to monitor nutrition and eat healthily. Increase the carb intake as well.

  • Bike ride for 2 hours
  • Running for 1 hour
Session 6: Ironman Speed Brick Triathlon Workout

Lastly, we have session 6 of the ironman speed brick workout. This workout phase is not harder, and you can do it at the normal speed. Moreover, you will have progress in the speed of running and cycling after practicing it a few times.

Besides that, you have to run for 40 minutes and ride the bike for 2 hours. In addition, you will have stronger legs muscles after running for 40 minutes every day. We suggest you start the brick workout session at a steady speed and eventually increase the speed after some time.

  • Start from the bike ride of 1 hour at a steady speed and then increase the speed at 20 minutes.
  • Next, run for straight 20 minutes, and you have to jo for the last five minutes while jogging.

How Did Triathlon Become Popular?

The Triathlon began in the late 1900s, and now it is popular worldwide. Moreover, several people are willing to take part in the triathlon race now. In addition, fitness freaks can easily take part in the Triathlon, relays, or mixed triathlon relays.

Likewise, the Triathlon is even more exciting because they can participate in the race with their fellows. Additionally, you can make a stronger team by including a strong runner, cycler, and swimmer.

Not only this, those people who have zero fitness levels can have a better health state after getting training for a triathlon. So if you are thinking of taking part in a triathlon, keep in mind that the race can last from 1 hour to 8 hours plus.

Opportunity To Take A Part In Triathlon

Haven’t taken part in a triathlon before?

You have to check the go tri events and look for the training sessions as well. You will know what should be the fitness level after taking the training session. In addition, you can easily get the fitness level for taking part in Triathlon after working out for 3 months.

Triathlon Training Clubs

Look at the tri-event that is not too close. The tri-event should be at least coming in the three months if you have zero fitness level. Other than that, if you took part in a triathlon before, you can look for an event near you.

Besides, you can interact with others and join the club for triathlon training. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to get training for Triathlon from the British clubs.

Why Take A Part In Triathlon?

  • You can do something different from the normal routine
  • It is the best way of getting fit.
  • You can easily lose weight.
  • Try to take challenges.
  • You will not have time for sitting idle or get bore.

So are you willing to take part in a triathlon after reading these points? Also, ask your friends to make the trip even more enjoyable.

You will have fatigue from practicing Triathlon initially, but once you make a routine to practice the three activities daily, it’d not be an issue.

Now that you know what is Triathlon and how to get training for it, participate in it if you are interested.

Thank you so much for the read 🙂

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