Best Aero Bars for Road & Triathlon Bikes: Learn how to choose the best

Aerodynamics has been a primary concern in triathlon and regular cycling. Fortunately, aero bars allow for better aerodynamics and, as a result, increase speed.

Speed is something that an athlete can never compromise on. Therefore, aero bars are their best option to install on their road bikes. The primary benefit of aero bars is to provide improved aerodynamics.

Moreover, they provide a lot of comfort in many ways. Long-distance cycling can cause a lot of tension in your back and wrists. You need to release that tension now and then, which can only be achieved with aero bars.

Install the aero bars on the handlebars that fit tightly on them. They come with extensions and armrests that are topped with paddings. Aero bars allow you to shift your weight on your elbows to relieve your wrist from strains.

By doing so, you also adopt an aerodynamic position, which reduces air drag and boosts your speed. It also helps your back muscles that get achy due to the upright posture for a long time.

You can also increase the speed by putting in less effort if you have tri bars attached to your road or mountain bike.

10 Best Aero Bars

Profile Designs Legacy Bar - Clip-on Aero Bars
Profile Designs II
  • Full of Ergonomics
  • Several adjustable positions
  • Padded Armrests for Comfort
  • The Armrest Has Excellent Padding
OGORI TT Handlebar Aero Bars
  • Provides tight-fitting
  • Made With Aluminum
  • Armrest Has Thick Padding
  • Don’t Go Hard On Your Pockets
Profile Designs Legacy Aero Bar - Best Anodized AeroBar
Profile Designs Legacy
  • Three Mount Positions
  • Increase the Aerodynamic
  • Adjust On All Sized Handlebars
  • Split Extensions And A Low Armrest
Platt Carbon TT Aero Bars - Best Aero Bars For Road and Mountain Bike
Platt Carbon TT
  • Removable Arm Pads
  • Made With Carbon Fiber
  • Perfect Ergonomic Design
Profile Designs Sonic Ergo Aerobar
Profile Designs Sonic
  • Perfect For Tall Riders
  • Vast Adjustability Options
  • Provides A Firm Grip For Your Hands

For better understanding, check out the reviews of these 10 best aero bars below.

1. Profile Designs II – Best Overall

  • Full of Ergonomics.
  • Several adjustable position.
  • The Armrest Has Excellent Padding.
  • Padded Armrests for Added Comfort.

Let’s start off our best aero bars review list with these super comfortable legacy II clip-on bars. The best thing about these tri bars is the adjustability. They can perfectly fit on regular and oversized handlebar clamp, which allows for great convenience.

Furthermore, they have a stunning look and enhance the overall look of your road bike frame. It provides a wide variety of hand positioning so the rider can choose whichever he/she feels comfortable in. It can precisely fit on 26.0mm and 31.8mm handlebars.

When preparing for a triathlon, it’s essential to have the right aero equipment. While clip on tri bars are crucial for achieving a streamlined position on the bike, other gear elements play a significant role. For instance, having the best triathlon shorts can significantly enhance your comfort and performance during the cycling and running segments.

Moreover, these tri bars are made keeping ergonomics in mind to keep your posture correct at all times.

It is best for different build types so that you can adjust it according to your convenience. The armrest has excellent padding that provides excellent levels of comfort. Moreover, you can adjust the armrest in three different positions, which allows for more customization.

In addition, it provides a firm and convenient grip for your hands that allows for great control. Moreover, they are lightweight, which means you aren’t attaching too much weight to your bike. The armrest can be adjusted according to your convenience and provides rotator adjustment.

In addition to that, these clip on tri bars are full of ergonomics, which allows for comfortable positioning of the body. In that way, it allows for aerodynamics that help to increase your speed while you are cycling.

Also, you don’t have to strain your back by leaning too much. You have to adjust it according to your comfort and requirements. With these base bar, you will see less fatigue that comes with cycling for a long time. There will be less pressure on your wrist by holding the handlebar clamp. All in all, this is one of the best aero bars you will find in the market.

Overall, if you are looking for comfortable tri bars for your triathlon, Legacy II is the one you are looking for. They are designed with ergonomics in mind to provide all kinds of benefits.

In addition, it provides vast adjustment positions so you can have more customization. These aero bars are lightweight, so they don’t add much weight to your road bike. Lastly, they come with padded armrests for added comfort.

2. OGORI TT – Best for Road Bikes

  • Provides tight-fitting.
  • Made With Aluminum.
  • The Armrest Has Thick Padding.
  • Don’t Go Hard On Your Pockets.

Ogori TT handlebar base bar is such a game-changer for long-distance cycling. They provide convenience and comfort and help you maintain a better aero position. OGORI TT clip on tri bars can be installed with great convenience.

The extensions allow for a fair range of adjustment, making them suitable for short and long arms. Moreover, the armrests are also adjustable, which you can always calibrate according to your own satisfaction. You can use these tri bars for regular cycling as well as for triathlon.

Design-wise, it has an ultra-sleek look having a matte black finish that looks captivating. It has a robust build, providing you with long-lasting convenience. OGORI TT is made with aluminum, which adds to the durability and makes them lightweight tri bars.

These clip on bars help in the reduction of air drag to a great extent. All of this can be achieved by reducing the frontal area to position yourself aerodynamically. Many cyclists have experienced a rise in their speed using these aero bars.

Another thing that makes these carbon aero bars so popular is their affordability. They are incredible under such a price tag and don’t go hard on your pockets.

In addition to that, OGORI TT base bar fits tightly on the handlebars of your road bike. As the company claims, you won’t experience any inconvenience due to loose-fitting. If you want your tri bars to handlebar clamp with the ultimate grip, you can always use tape on your aero handlebars. Doing this will also prevent your road bike’s handlebars from scratching.

The comfort level these clip on bars provide is unmatchable. You can rest your arms and elbows on the thick padded armrest. Moreover, the extensions provide a secure grasp and add to the convenience.

Overall, OGORI TT aero bars are incredible and liked by the majority of the people. They are robust and offer impressive performance. They are made with aluminum, which is why they are lightweight.

In addition to that, they provide a firm grip and fix tightly on the aero handlebars. Also, they have comfortable armrests, and the extensions provide a wide range of adjustability. Lastly, they are very affordable and hard to break.

3. Profile Designs – Anodized Matte

  • Three Mount Positions.
  • Increase the Aerodynamics.
  • Split Extensions And A Low Armrest.

Another great creation by Profile Design is their Legacy Aero bar which provides tremendous performance. The design itself is super classy which enhances the overall look of your tri bike. The product comes with two handles that allow you to ease your muscles whenever you need them.

Moreover, these handles are perfect for all build types and provide ultimate comfort. These universal handles offer a firm grip and prevent your hands from sweating. The armrests are padded with soft foam so that you can be in comfort at all times.

What makes them the best aero bars road bike is their ability to adjust on all-sized handlebars. The universality of these clip on bars makes them popular among famous athletes. It comes with three mount positions so that you can mount it according to your own preference. In addition to that, they are mounted firmly on the handlebars to prevent any accidents.

Also, they come with split extensions and a low armrest, which adds to the comfort and increases aerodynamics. These carbon aero bars can fit on 26.0mm & 31.8mm handlebars and weigh only 565g. Talking about the armrests, the foam-padded armrests are durable and provide unlimited comfort throughout the ride.

These aero bars are specially designed to reduce neck, back, arm, and wrist pain that a lot of cyclists experience due to wrong postures. It allows you to be in the most comfortable position during long cycling sessions.

Moreover, legacy clip on bars increase aerodynamics, which, as a result, increases your speed. They come with a durable body, and the armrest padding is hard-wearing. Therefore, these aero bars will last you longer and will provide tremendous performance. Moreover, the arm padding can be adjusted in three different positions so that you can have unlimited amounts of comfort.

All things considered, Legacy base bar is one of the best aero bars for road bikes for the number of features they provide. They can be mounted on three different positions for added customization and different heights.

Moreover, the armrest can be adjusted in three different positions so that you can have a variety. Also, these tri bars can fit on almost all sizes of handlebars, which adds to the product’s universality. Lastly, they are highly durable and hard to break, which makes them a long-lasting product.

4. Platt Carbon TT – For Mountain Bike

  • Removable Arm Pads.
  • Made With Carbon Fiber.
  • Perfect Ergonomic Design.

Platt Carbon TT Handlebar Bicycle Aero Bars - Best Aero Bars For Road Bike

The next product from our best aero bars review list is the ultimate Platt Carbon TT base bar which have some tremendous features to offer. They are super affordable and extremely lightweight, weighing only 320g.

With these aero bars, You shouldn’t worry about adding too much weight to your tri bike. They clamp firmly on the handlebars and provide ultimate comfort. They are specifically designed to be fixed on mountain bikes for enhanced performance.

Platt Carbon TT is, therefore, one of the best base bars for mountain bikes. These tri bars are independent of each other and adjust separately on each handlebar clamp.

In addition to that, they are made with carbon fiber, which makes them tough and gives them a lightweight feature. Also, it has a perfect ergonomic design that maintains your arms’ position in a more comfortable way.

Also, it allows your body to adapt to a contorted shape that enhances your speed and improves your posture. You can enjoy lengthy bicycle rides without getting your back and arms strained if you have Platt Carbon TT aero bars.

Moreover, these tri bars have a simplistic yet classy design that gives off some classy looks. You can always send this product back to the company in case of any issues. Feel great to touch and prevents your hands from sweating to a great extent.

The handlebars have a ridged surface that prevents your hands from losing grip and allows for a firm hold. In addition to that, you will feel your arms at great ease when they are rested on the padded armrest.

Moreover, these aero bars clasp on the handlebars with a strong grasp that prevents the risks of any accidents. Also, the arm pads are removable and can be washed. These arm pads provide maximum comfort throughout the ride.

Altogether, the product is amazing for mountain bikes and will enhance your overall experience in several ways. They provide a strong grip for your hands as the surface of these handlebars is ridged. Also, they clasp firmly on the bike’s handlebar to provide a safe ride.

The armrest allows for great comfort and enhances your performance. These tri bars are durable and hard to break; therefore, they are everlasting. Lastly, they maintain your posture while riding to prevent you from getting a strained back.

5. Profile Designs Sonic – Tall Riders

  • Perfect For Tall Riders.
  • Provides A Firm Grip For Your Hands.
  •  Padded Armrest Has Vast Adjustability Options.

Another flagship production by Profile Designs is their Sonic/Ergo base bar which have some stunning features. Individual tri bars for each handlebar give off a sleek look.

It provides a firm grip for your hands and ultimate comfort for your wrists and arms. With these aero bars, you can increase your bike’s comfort level and enhance its looks.

These are the best aero bars for ultra-endurance with their full ergo design. The tri bars clasp on the handlebar with a strong grip to allow for increased safety.

In addition to that, these aero bars prove perfect for tall riders, helping them maintain a proper posture. Also, they are multipurpose aero bars serving ideally for time trials. Not only that, but they are also incredibly lightweight and durable.

You can use them for your road or mountain bike as they don’t add much weight to the air. The durability of these tri bars is unrivaled. They are made to last long and perform with ultimate perfection.

You can also use these aero bars for gravel rides to increase your overall performance. They provide extreme comfort to your arms. The padded armrest has vast adjustability options so that you can have some customization of straight bar options.

Moreover, they are easy on your arms and wrists and allow you to change your body position for aerodynamics. These aero bars are a bit pricey, but that’s completely justified for the performance they provide. Lastly, they are super convenient to install, and the adjustability is effortless.

If you want ergonomically designed tri bars that provide ultimate comfort, Sonic 4525a will be your best shot. They have a classy black matte finish that gives off some elegant looks.

Moreover, they are ergonomically designed that work gently on your arm and wrist muscles. It helps in reducing back pains and wrist fatigue. At the same time, these aero bars enhance your speed by giving you an aerodynamic aero position. Hence proving the best base bars for time trial.

In a nutshell, these base bar will make you win the race with confidence.

6. Profile Designs Airstryke V2

  • Fully ergonomic.
  • Patented Flip-up Armrests.
  • Effortlessly Clipped-on the Handlebars.
  • Can Fully Adjust the Length of the carbon extensions.

The last product from our best drop bars review list is the Airstryke V2 by profile designs. These aero bars follow all the ergonomics rules to make them the comfiest aero bars of the time.

The star feature of these aero bars is the patented flip-up armrests. This product is affordable and provides several features to make it stand out among its competitors.

They can be effortlessly clipped on the handlebars of your tri bike. If you are a beginner and want to upgrade your road bike with some aero bars, the Airstryke V2 will be your best shot.

It has an elegant matte black finish that gives off some sleek looks. These aero bars are made with 6061-T6 aluminum, which gives them robustness. The durability and performance of these aero bars are unbeatable.

This product only aluminium weight is 528g, which allows for a lightweight feel. Moreover, these aero bars are compatible with 26.0mm and 31.8mm handlebars. The ski bend carbon extensions allow for a comfortable and robust grasp.

In addition to that, Airstryke V2 requires elementary skills for their installation. They provide a tight grip on your handlebars while getting loose. Moreover, this product is very well-machined and provides a great deal of ease to your cycling experience.

As the installation is elementary, these quick release aero bars serve great for entry-level cyclists. You can rest your arms on the armrest to release the tension from your back and wrist muscles. You can also improve your aerodynamics using these quick release aero bars to excel in your cycling venture.

Moreover, you can fully adjust the length of the extensions and the aero position of the armrest according to your preference. All in all, Airstryke V2 is the best aero bar for entry-level cycling.

Overall, this product offers a great deal of convenience in your cycling venture, specifically if you’re a beginner. This item weighs only 528g which feels extremely light on your road bike.

In addition to that, the carbon extensions provide good hold, and the clip on aero bars are tightly on the handlebars. Lastly, they are made with aluminum, which is responsible for durability and lightweight.

7. REDSHIFT Clip-On Aerobars

  • Removable Armrest Pads.
  • Safety Retention Mechanism.
  • Aerodynamics to Boost Speed.
  • Wide Range of Adjustability Options.

Presenting you the best drop bars that clip on in a matter of seconds. The ease of use and convenient installation is the two-star features of REDSHIFT clip on aero bars. These aero bars are extremely efficient in terms of boosting your speed due to aerodynamics.

You can conveniently rest your arms on these clip on aero bars to release some pressure from your back and wrists. Cycling for long hours can be tiresome and might cause numbness in your wrist areas. REDSHIFT clip-on aero bars are here to solve that problem for you.

In addition to that, it helps you increase your speed when you rest your arms on them. The aerodynamic aero position helps you cut through the air with more convenience and less air drag.

These specific aero bars require no tool for their installation. The name itself is very well suggestive that they can be easily clipped on the handlebars. They are equipped with a safety retention mechanism that ensures the clip on aero bars stay firmly in one place. Moreover, the grip is so tight that it allows for a safe and steady ride.

Moreover, they provide a wide range of adjustability options. These clip on aero bars provide everything from changing armrest position to changing the length and aero position of extensions. They can be used by almost anyone for the convenience these aero bars provide.

They are so easy to install and handle, which makes them the best base bars for beginners. Furthermore, they clamp on 26.0mm 31.8mm handlebars. Moreover, they are made with aluminum alloy which determines its durability and lightweight. All in all, they not only provide the best comfort but also offer tremendous performance.

Overall, these aero bars do what they promise. From durability to comfort to convenience, these aero bars have got them all. They are extremely easy to clamp on the handlebars. You do not require special tools for their installation. Moreover, the removable armrest pads provide ultimate comfort.

Not only that, but these clip on aero bars also provide a vast range of adjustability, making them perfect for everyone. You do not have to be a professional athlete to use them. These aero bars are perfect for beginners as well.

8. Profile Design T4+ Carbon AeroBar

  • Fit Tightly On the Handlebar.
  • Perfect For Almost All Heights.
  • Ski Bend Extensions Are Fully Ergonomic.
  • Extension Provides A Vast Range of Adjustability.

Profile design has never failed anyone with its top-of-the-line products, specifically aero bars, which justifies people’s obsession with their products. T4+ Carbon aero bars are one of their finest productions that has a combination of mind-blowing features.

The design alone is jaw-dropping, and the comfort it provides is unsurpassable. The ski bend extensions are fully ergonomic and provide a comfortable and natural hold. They are made with carbon fiber which makes them durable and adjustable.

It also provides a good deal of adjustability, making it perfect for almost all heights. The armrests allow for keeping you in a natural position to maintain your posture. These clip on aero bars thus effectively reduce the strain on your wrists, back, and arms.

Furthermore, the armrests are padded which allows for a great amount of support. The armrests have an anatomical design that takes your arm’s shape to keep you at ease all the time. This product effectively takes some weight off your wrists and back to spare you from fatigue. They also serve as a reason to increase your speed by changing your aero position.

Moreover, they fit tightly on the handlebar of your bike to ensure safety. They are perfect to be used for triathlon as they are equipped with chief features. In addition to that, the handgrip prevents sweating and allows for a firm grip. There are almost minimal to no chances of your hands slipping from the handles.

Talking about durability, these aero bars are made to last you for years. The durability is, unrivaled, and the performance they provide is impressive.

These aero bars are a bit pricey, but for the features, they are worth all that money. All in all, they are considered to be the favorite clip on aero bars of the majority of people.

Overall, these aero bars provide an extreme level of comfort, performance, and speed increase. First of all, they are extra durable and come with carbon fiber ski bend extensions. The extension provides a vast range of adjustability, making it a universal product.

Moreover, these clip on aero bars have an anatomical armrest that increases the comfort level. They fit tightly on the handlebar of your bike for a firmer grip. Lastly, the ergo-hand grips provide absolute comfort and increased safety throughout the ride.

9. Profile Designs Sonic Ergo 35a

  • Easy To Install.
  • Perfect Black Matte Finishing.
  • It Helps In Minimizing the Air Drag.
  • Ergo Armrest Is All New And Upgraded.

The all-new Sonic 35a Clip-on aero bars are a steal deal and serve incredibly for all the athletes out there. You shouldn’t confuse this item with the Sonic 4525a, as they came as a replacement for that.

These clip on aero bars are pretty great for long arms as the length of the extensions can be significantly increased. It relieves the strain on your wrist that comes with holding the handles for too long.

Everything about the design and finishing of this product is eye-catching. The perfect black matte finish and the elegant look increase the prominence of your bike. Not only that, but Sonic 35a also has a great combination of features.

First of all, Sonic 35a aero bars are easy to install, unlike those aero bars that take a long time to install. They are, therefore, the most popular and best clip on aero bars you can ever come across.

The ergo armrest is all new and upgraded providing incredible support and comfort. Moreover, it provides a great deal of adjustability, and the anatomic structure allows for a great fit. This upgraded version of aero bars allows the user to adopt a aero position to decrease his frontal area.

As a result, it helps in minimizing the air drag and boosts the speed and performance. You can instantly feel moving through the air with less aerodynamic drag.

Talking of durability, these clip on aero bars will not disappoint you when it comes to durability. Moreover, the armrest alone provides up to 100 adjustable positions, and if that isn’t impressive, then what is? Not only that, but Sonic 35a also provides 1500 configurations, which are pretty impressive.

You can make all the adjustments as conveniently as you can get. The ski bend extensions are quite comfortable to hold and provide a slip-free grip. These hand grips are bent to a 35-degree angle for a better wrist angle.

Overall, this product is one of the greatest inventions by profile design because of its wide range of adjustability. The armrest of this product provides adjustability in 100 different positions.

Further, these clip on aero bars allow for 1500 configurations, which is incredible. It helps in boosting your speed and performance by decreasing the frontal area.

Moreover, the comfort it provides is impressive, and the padded armrest allows for incredible support. Lastly, this product is highly durable and long-lasting, making it a great purchase.

10. Deda Elementi Aero Bars

  • Comfortable hand grips.
  • Perfect Deal For Triathletes.
  • Striking Reduction In the Air Drag.
  • Extensions Are Linked Together Via Bridge.

Next from our best aero bars review list are the famous Deda Elementi Carbon Clip on aero bars. These aero bars are popular for their classy and unique design. These aero bars are a perfect deal for triathletes as they can benefit from them during drafting.

The extensions are linked together via a linking bridge that basically helps in drafting while cycling. You can also use them for your road bike for regular cycling, provided your bike has dropped handlebars for a tight grip.

Moreover, these clip on aero bars provide full support to your arms and elbows. The armrests are covered with extra comfy rubber pads that provide full support. The extensions reach 180mm in total length and provide a firm grip.

The handgrips have a nice and comfortable feel to touch and provide a firm hold. In addition to that, these aero bars are extra durable and lightweight. You do not have to worry about adding a lot of weight to your road bike.

Also, these aero bars are incredible for positioning. You will clearly notice a striking reduction in the air drag when you use them. Moreover, you can effectively relax your arm and back muscles during long cycling hours.

While using these clip on aero bars, you will observe an increase in speed while putting in less effort. It also gives some adjustability options for more personalization. In a nutshell, these aero bars are perfect for triathlon as they provide great comfort and convenience.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best base bars for dirty kanza, you might consider these. The unique design makes it popular among triathletes making it suitable for drafting. It clamps tightly on the handlebar, providing a safe ride.

Moreover, these clip on aero bars are lightweight and durable, making them last long. Lastly, they effectively cause an increment in your speed as they are great for aerodynamic positioning.

What to Look for in Aero Bars?

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Aero bars increase your efficiency and reduce the strains from your wrist. It is a tremendous invention for athletes as well as regular cyclists. Clip on aero bars come in various styles and adjustability.

It is necessary to consider a few points before buying an aero bar for your road bike. A popular aero bar might not be the one that meets your requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to do some research to know what features you want from your aero bar.

This buying guide will help you find the aero bar that perfectly matches your requirements. Have a look at these features below that you must look out for before buying an aero bar.

Comfort Above All

If you are an athlete, you would know what comfort means to you in the game. Be it your costume, your shoes, or your road bike, all should provide comfort for you to perform in the game optimally.

Aerodynamics is crucial in any game you are playing, specifically if it’s a triathlon. Aerobars provide a comfortable ride and help keep your posture in a comfortable aero position.

Riding on a road bike one long distance can cause a lot of back and arm strains. Attaching aero bars to the handlebars of the cycle can solve that problem. It has an armrest where you can place your arms for added comfort.

Moreover, resting on the clip on aero bars makes you lean forward, increasing the aerodynamics and enhancing speed. Before buying an aero bar for your road bike, test it to check if it provides the necessary comfort.


Always look for the aero bars that help you enhance your speed. One purpose that this product serves is to improve your speed with its special design. As discussed earlier, clip on aero bars help you adapt to a more aerodynamic aero position to increase your speed.

An athlete is always looking for ways to increase his speed so that he can win the game. Fortunately, tri bars help you minimize the air drag and increase the speed in many ways.

So, testing the clip on aero bars before buying them is necessary to check if they are increasing or decreasing your speed.

Minimize Wind Resistance

Speed and wind resistance go hand in hand. If the wind resistance is minimal, there will be an increment in the speed of the cyclist. Before buying tri bars for your road bike, make sure they help you narrow your body position.

If you look at a cyclist, you will notice they lean over and rest their arms on the aero bars. This change in aero position decreases surface area, so there is less wind drag.

As a result, you will instantly feel less resistance and increase in speed.


Safety is another crucial feature to look for when you are buying aero bars. If your aero bars fail to provide the required safety, they are not worth a single penny. Ensure your aero bars fit rigidly with the handlebar to prevent accidents.

Moreover, these aero bars should allow for proper positioning of your body to maintain a proper posture through and through. The right type of aero bars will not only provide comfort and speed but also will reduce the risks of accidents.

Safety is, therefore, a feature that shouldn’t be neglected at all costs.


Your aero bars are meant to provide a firm and non-slip grip. Some of the aero bars on the market have extensions that might make your hands sweaty. Therefore, you should always look for aero bars which provide a comfortable grip.

If your grasp on the aero bars is strong then you can efficiently perform during the ride. Also, a firm hold can save you from any unwanted happenings, such as accidents.


Adjustability is another factor that you should never neglect before buying aero bars for your bike. Always look for a product that offers a wide range of adjustability. Look for the extensions and armrests and check if they can be adjusted according to your requirements.

If you have long arms, then you should look for the aero bars, whose extensions render a vast range of adjustability in terms of length. This would result in a more relaxed arm and hand positioning.

Ergo-Armrest and Elbow Pads

Lastly, for added comfort, make sure that the armrest follows all rules of ergonomics. On top of that, check for the quality of elbow pads.

Both of the features should provide maximum comfort. The ergonomic armrest allows for natural arm extended aero positioning that results in better performance.

FAQs – Best Aero Bars

Are aero bars worth your money?
Yes, aero bars are worth the money you spend on them. They not only provide comfort to your back and wrist muscles but also boost your speed by adapting the aerodynamic position.
Do aero bars make a difference?
Yes, aero bars make a huge difference, specifically for long-distance cycling. They help you to reduce your frontal area that minimizes air drag. As a result, you will notice a rise in your speed without putting in much effort.
Are aero bars comfortable?
Yes, aero bars provided ultimate comfort apart from rendering aerodynamics. It allows you to shift your weight from hands to the elbows that ease your back and wrist muscles. In short, aero bars not only provide an increase in speed but also offer a great deal of comfort.

Bottom Line

The primary duty of aero bars is to improve aerodynamics in cycling to boost your speed by putting in less effort. However, aero bars can provide an unlimited amount of comfort during long-distance cycling.

The armrest provides full support to your elbows and arms, and the extensions help calm your wrist muscles. It focuses chiefly on your performance by making you adapt to an optimal position for cycling.

The products listed above are all top-of-the-line; however, some of our top picks are listed below.

In a nutshell, aero bars can make a lot of difference in your whole cycling experience. It not only optimizes your speed and performance but also renders infinite comfort. Some of the leading companies manufacture the products mentioned above. They are picked based on their built quality, performance, comfort, and durability. The buying guide section will help you find the right product. It is to hope that this article aids you in finding the product of your requirement.

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