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Triathlon, first of all, is not a piece of cake for everyone. It’s a do-or-die competition that challenges the athletes’ stamina, agility, and hydration.

Talking of hydration, it’s a must for triathletes to take care of water needs while they are cycling. That said, you must look for the best triathlon hydration system if you want to maintain the water level in your body at all costs.

A hydration system, in short, makes it easier to store the water bottle. Moreover, the latest models offer ease of drinking water as they’ve got feeder tubes with a proper pressure system.

But, when it comes to choosing a perfect triathlon water system, the decision isn’t an easier one to make. This is where we’d come to your rescue with a compiled list of some of the top-rated triathlon hydration systems for triathlon in 2023.

We’ve chosen only those models with an easy mounting interface, durable and rugged aerodynamic design, and an affordable budget. Thus, you’d be able to make your decision with more comfort and ease.

Take a look, without any further ado:

How we Picked

Compatibility with Your Bike

Opted for a system that minimizes drag and doesn’t compromise your bike’s aerodynamics

Capacity and Refill Accessibility

Looked for systems that allow for quick and convenient refilling during the race without slowing you down


Ensured that the system’s straps and mounts can be customized to your preferred positioning for comfort.

Weight and Balance

Experimented with different systems to find the right balance between hydration capacity and bike stability.

Best Triathlon Hydration System for Triathletes

Gear Up for Success: Best Triathlon Hydration Systems for Bikes

Wiel Water Bottle Holder
Wiel Water Bottle Holder
  • Types: Frame Cage Holder
  • Construction: Carbon Fiber
Profile Designs FC35
Profile Designs FC35
  • Type: Aerobar Cage Holder
  • Construction: Aerodynamic alloy
XLAB Torpedo Versa 200
XLAB Torpedo Versa 200
  • Type: Aerobar Cage Holder
  • Construction: Carbon Fiber
XLAB Gorilla XT
XLAB Gorilla XT
  • Type: Frame Cage Holder
  • Construction: Carbon Fiber
Speedfil A2/Z4+
Speedfil A2/Z4+
  • Type: Aerobar Cage Holder
  • Construction: Aerodynamic alloy

1. Wiel Water Bottle Holder – Best Triathlon Water System

  • Effortless Hydration Access
  • Secure and Stable Mounting
  • Durable and Lightweight

Wiel Water Bottle Holder – Best Hydration System for Triathlon Athletes 2021

Wiel, one of the most popular manufacturers out there, has offered a solution to keep water bottles safe and secure during a triathlon. Its Water Bottle Holder has got our attention since it comes with some exceptional great feature.

For instance, its rugged carbon fiber construction, easy mounting interface, and lightweight aerodynamic design make it one of the standouts among other self contained hydration system.

Are you just getting started with triathlons and wondering about the fundamentals of this exhilarating sport? Or perhaps you’re an experienced triathlete looking to refresh your knowledge? Either way, we’ve got you covered. For those seeking an introduction to triathlons, our comprehensive guide on triathlon basics is the perfect starting point. It delves into everything you need to know, from the various race distances to relay options, transition tips, and much more.

Wiel Bottle Cage Holder comes with a complete carbon fiber construction. Its durability means no bounds as once purchased, you can keep on using it for many years to come while preparing for your next triathlon.

Other than that, the use of lightweight materials makes this flagship hydration system a perfect choice for triathletes. Even if you mount it on the bike, it will cause no overburdening issues keeping you on track for a long time.

As far as the mounting is concerned, it takes no more than 5 minutes. Good thing is that Wiel already offers 2 mounting bolts that you could use to assemble the holder on the frame mounted hydration systems of your bike. Make sure that you use the appropriate mounting accessories for tightening the bolts.

All in all, the triathlon hydration systems do offer quick access to the water bottle. Cherry on top is that water remains safe and secure no matter what kind of circumstances you face.

Jackson, one of the professional triathletes we know, has got some views about this bottle holder. According to him, “Wiel has done a splendid job making sure that the holder keeps the water bottle protective enough.”


  • Durable carbon fiber construction.
  • Keeps the water bottle safe.
  • Suitable for long cycling workouts.
  • You can easily access the water bottle.
  • Easy to mount.


  • Not mountable on the cycle’s handle.
  • Leakage issues might arise. 

Wiel Bottle Holder is one of the self contained hydration system that you must look out for if you need sturdiness, ease of use, and an easy installing interface at an affordable rate.

2. Profile Designs FC35 – Stay Cool and Hydrated with the Aerobar Hydration System

  • Innovative Design
  • Ample Hydration Capacity
  • Stay Cool

Profile Designs FC35 – Advanced Triathlon Water System

Not so fond of using the water bottle cage holder we mentioned above? Don’t worry! Profile Designs with its FC35 flagship hydration system has got your back. It directly fits between the aero bars and helps you drink water with the least effort.

Yeah, you heard that right. It features a spacious design, which means you’ll have more storage for water. Although we do agree it’s a bit difficult to install, once you figure it out, you’ll absolutely love the Profile design FC35.

While ensuring proper hydration is essential, another crucial aspect of triathlon preparation is choosing the right attire. Check out our guide on the shorts to complete your race-ready ensemble.

The triathlon hydration system comes with a 35 oz. large capacity, first of all. It can store around 1 liter of water without any hurdle. It’s simply more than enough to help you move ahead during a long triathlon.

Furthermore, for those of you who are worried about toxic chemicals of profile design, the brand has got you covered. It features a BPA-Free bottle, which keeps the water protected from toxins. The bottle also passes HDPE tests, which makes it a safer choice for drinking water.

Featuring a long bite valve, you could use it to drink water directly, without messing with the hydration system. Some of you might feel like it ain’t working, but the thing is that you have to pull it a little bit so that it gets out of a safety cap.

Profile designs FC35 is mountable on narrow space aero bars. To put that into perspective, it’s a perfect hydration system for triathlon bikes that don’t have enough space on their handles. The mounting time, however, is somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes.

In the end, one of our dear colleagues, who is into triathlon, has recently installed this profile-designed FC35 hydration system on his bike. As per Jared Frank, “It took me a while to figure out where to install the hydration system as I own a bike with cables. As soon as I got sufficient space, it took me no more than 10 minutes to mount it.”


  • Fits tight aero bars easily.
  • Comes with 1 liter water storage capacity.
  • BPA-free bottle ensures drinking pure water.
  • Minimalist and rugged design.
  • Bite valve comes with a magnetic and easily gets attached to the system.


  • Takes a good amount of time to get rear mounted.
  • Issues in the bite valve according to some users.

Ease of use and compactness along with a rugged body is what makes FC35 a standout among other models. Better get it before it’s too late.

3. XLAB Torpedo Versa 200 – Sip and Soar: Best Triathlon Water Bottle System

  • Streamlined Shape
  • Modular System
  • Easy Refilling

XLAB Torpedo Versa 200 – best Triathlon Water Bottle System for the Money

Torpedo hydration systems Versa 200 from XLAB is what we call “Innovation combined with the Aesthetics.” The triathlon water bottle hydration system features a unique design, which gives a vibrant look when you fit it on your triathlon cycle.

More than that, it comes with an advanced system that allows athletes to drink water with ease and convenience. All this at an extremely affordable rate is what impelled us to include Versa 200 on our list.

The triathlon hydration systems feature a special Computer Tilt design. That said, it gets adjusted with a computer controlled tilt mechanism and allows you to have easy access to the water.

Furthermore, we literally loved the no-leak bottle design of torpedo hydration systems Versa 200. It comes with a completely sealed design that ensures no leakage even if you use this system roughly.

Talking of the water capacity, it’s more than enough. It actually comes with two refilling compartments, i.e. the regular lid and quick refill lid. You can fill both of them with water to enjoy an endless cycling experience to prepare for your next triathlon.

XLAB makes sure that athletes do not face any problems while drinking the water. The bite valve is thus designed to reach the cyclist’s mouth easily. Apart from that, the straw is long enough. You could even cut it if it’s messing around with you.

No matter how complicated things look with Versa 200, it’s simply a “Thousand Problems, One Solution” hydration system for athletes. Install it between the aero bars and forget about water drinking issues once and for all.

Melissa J. Caron, a professional triathlete, relies on Torpedo Versa 200 too much. According to her, “The hydration system is aerodynamic, which makes it quite stable. Plus, the straw is soft enough and keeps the mouth away from getting hurt.”


  • No-leak properly sealed hydration system.
  • Perfectly fits between the aero position bars.
  • Two refilling options available.
  • Stable aerodynamic design.


  • Switching between two refill lids is kinda difficult.
  • Not easy to clean.

This triathlon hydration system is simply the Jack of All Trades. Get it and you’ll surely enjoy practising for upcoming competitions while staying hydrated enough.

4. XLAB Gorilla XT – No More Thirsty Rides: Bike-Mounted Hydration System

  • Secure Bottle Retention
  • With a generous 25-ounce (739ml) capacity
  • Aerodynamic Profile

XLAB Gorilla XT – Bike Mounted Hydration System [2021]

Another Cage Holder, this time from XLAB, is running riots among the triathlon athletes community in 2023. The Gorilla XT features a minimalistic and durable design.

The bike mounted hydration system does great feature a durable 3X cage made up of 100% carbon fiber. It’s extremely rugged and won’t get damaged even if you fall from the bike.

Adding to that, the brand does suggest that this cage holder meets the demands of mountain bikes quite well. Plus, it also acts perfectly as a rear hydration system to keep the athletes hydrated for a long time.

Based on advanced mechanics, the cage holder is designed in a way that prevents the water bottle to slip at any cost. No matter how bumpy the road gets, once you adjust your bottle there, only you can take it out to drink water.

We specifically loved the thick bottom shelf of this cage holder as well. It makes enough space to fit large water bottles, thus ensuring a properly hydrated biking journey.

While keeping the bottle tight, it’s easy to eject it with bare hands. Just hold the bottle from its lid and take it out smoothly while you are biking and enjoy drinking fresh water from the hydration system accordingly.

Lastly, the mounting interface is extremely easy. Same as the WIEL bottle holder, the Gorilla XT gets frame mounted hydration systems via two bolts. Tighten them with suitable accessories and keep your bottle away from getting any damage for many years to come.

Alan, who’s a beginner working out for his next triathlon competition has had some views about Gorilla XT. As per his views, “I usually love biking on bumpy roads to improve my stamina. However, I’m often worried about the protection of my water bottle. I’ve recently invested in XLAB Gorilla XT and so far it’s proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. Simple yet unique and quite durable at the same time!”


  • Gets on the bike’s frame mounted hydration systems easily.
  • Suitable for rear mounted hydration system triathlon.
  • Keeps large bottles protected and safe.
  • Carbon fiber construction makes it sturdy.


  • Doesn’t get adjusted on aero bars.
  • Not recommended for professionals.

The answer’s simple, “To enjoy biking on bumpy and mountainous roads without getting worried about your hydration system peripherals.” Get it as the cage holder is available on a reasonable budget.

5. Speedfil A2/Z4+ – Hands Free Triathlon Hydration Systems

  • Hands-Free Drinking
  • Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • Versatile Mounting

Speedfil A2 Z4+ - Hands-Free Triathlon Hydration System

A complete Aerobundle, indeed! Speedfil remains true to its name as it provides triathletes a solution to their water drinking problems.

Featuring an eco-friendly water bottle along with a hydration system, this bundle gets directly attached to the aero position bars.

The best aero bar hydration system comes with an aerodynamic slipstream and low-profile design. Not only does it maintain stability, but it also improves the drinking interface.

Zerosplash technology, on the other hand, is something we adored a lot about this hydration system bundle. It keeps the handlebars away from water and splashes, thus allowing you to enjoy a perfect biking experience.

The manufacturer does offer universal compatibility. That is, this aero hydration system offers compatibility with thread bottles, meaning you could adjust them on the system without any hurdle.

Speedfil also comes with Garmin integration. In simple words, you can use integrated computer mounts and get easy access to all the data regarding your distance and other metrics with proper tilting options.

Finally, the hydration system is versatile enough. It offers a hand-free drinking interface and keeps the athletes stay fresh enough during a long biking workout.

Jason, who loves long biking sessions and values convenience, has got his two cents about this hydration system. “It took me no more than 5 minutes to mount this Aerobundle, including the telescoping computer mount, on my bike. Quite frankly, it comes with a spacious water bottle and keeps me fresh and agile during exhaustive workout sessions.”


  • BPA-free water bottle.
  • Tilting hydration system.
  • Easy to use bite valve.
  • A2 and Z4+ combo make everything mess-free.


  • A bit complicated to use for newbies.
  • Doesn’t hold large water bottles easily.

The bundle includes a durable and BPA-free water bottle combined with a special hydration system.

6. Speedfill A2 – Triathlon Water Bottle with Straw

  • Convenient Straw Access
  • Easy Refillability
  • Easy Sipping

Speedfill A2 – Triathlon Water Bottle with Straw

In case you want an aerodynamic water bottle with a long straw only, then look no further. Speedfill A2 offers just that at an affordable rate. The balanced hydration system of water bottle comes with a spacious large capacity that offers enough water to help you stay hydrated.

On top of that, its straw is long and soft enough, thus ensuring a pain-free drinking interface without any hassle.

For triathletes,

The best hydration system does come with Zerosplash technology. It eliminates fluid splashing at all costs, hence, keeping the aero position bars away from getting wet.

What we loved about the hydration system is that it gets adjusted right in the middle of the aero bars. Therefore, your arms would keep it safe from the wind making sure that it remains stable and balanced enough.

Although the hydration system doesn’t require any complex assembly, it would need a cage holder. Speedfill recommends mounting it on Z4+ to ensure durability, stability, and balance, at the same time.  

Joseph, the triathlete who is currently preparing for his next tournament has got some views about this water bottle system. He says, “I already had a Speedfill Z4+ triathlon hydration systems available so I was looking for an aerodynamic water bottle with a long straw. Luckily I found this model that works like a charm and helps me stay hydrated while I’m cycling.”


  • Rugged water bottle system with straw.
  • Gets rear mounted on Z4+ cage holder easily.
  • Easily gets adjusted between the aero bars.
  • Long and soft straw makes it easier to drink water.


  • You have to purchase a cage holder separately.
  • We suggest using a 21 fl. oz. bottle with this system only.

The triathlon hydration system is easy to use, mount, and compact enough. So, you should check it out before it runs out of stock.

7. XLAB Mini Wing 105 – Rear Mounted Hydration System for Triathlon

  • Space-Efficient Design
  • Multiple Cage and Accessory Mounts
  • Sturdy and Secure

XLAB Mini Wing 105 – Best Rear Hydration System for Triathlon [2021]

Here comes a rear mounted hydration system for athletes who are not fond of using such systems either on the aero position bars or the frame mounted hydration system. XLAB Mini Wing 105 offers housing for two water bottles which means you won’t run out of water anytime soon.

Frame hydration systems of xlab mini wing 105 offer a hands-free and efficient way to stay hydrated, allowing users to sip water on the go without the need to stop or carry a separate water bottle

More than that, it comes with sturdy construction and is designed quite ergonomically. That undoubtedly makes it one of the best rear triathlon hydration system on the market.

Cutting right to the chase,

xlab mini wing 105 gets directly tucked behind the saddle of your bike with an easy mounting interface. All it takes is only one screw and bolt and BINGO! You’d be able to enjoy storing your water bottles on the rear side of your bike.

On the other hand, we also praised the holding power of this cage system. It keeps the water bottles intact and makes sure that they don’t fall even if you are riding the bike on a bumpy terrain. The increased 60% grip force is the epitome of what we said previously.

Although the rear mounted hydration system of xlab mini wing 105 is not as accessible as compared to the front one, athletes can still reach it with little flexibility. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped cage holder that makes sure that you can reach the water bottles with ease.

In the end, we’d also want to praise the reasonable price tag that this frame hydration systems has got. It’s one of the reasons Mark (One of our colleagues) purchased it and looks pretty much satisfied as well.

“I was able to reach out the water bottle without flexing myself too much. Besides, the gripping power is way too much. It helps me maintain my focus on the road rather than on other things.” That’s how Mark appreciated the Mini Wing 105 from XLAB.


  • Special XENON cages increase grip force by 60%.
  • Spacious capacity to keep larger water bottles.
  • Mounts lower to avoid any problem.
  • Ergonomic position helps athletes reach the bottle easily.


  • No straw available.
  • Not as easily accessible as aerobar hydration systems.

The reason that it allows you to keep two water bottles and is ergonomic would be more than enough to get this robust hydration system.

8. XLAB Aero TT – Cage + Water Bottle System for Triathletes

  • Secure Bottle Retention
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Reliable Bottle Security

XLAB Aero TT – Cage + Water Bottle System for Triathletes

Another cage holder plus water bottle combo from XLAB is getting the deserved spotlight from triathletes in 2023. The Aero position TT features a sublime cage holder moulded with durable carbon fibre.

Starting with some of the basics,

The best hydration system gets directly attached to the down tube of the bike without any hassle. It uses two bolts for mounting. Plus, make sure that you tighten them properly.

Moreover, the water bottle is easy to grab, thus allowing you to drink water on the go. The cherry on top is that it slides back into the cage systems holder real smooth and that’s something quite impressive.

It’s also a fact that Aero TT offers extreme resistance to worst-case scenarios. Be it a bumpy terrain, mountainous area, or rough environment, the cage holder keeps the bottle safe and protected enough at all costs.

Although you could use the Aero TT without any other hydration system, we recommend utilizing it with an aero bar hydration system, especially when you’ve participated in a race.

Remo Armstrong, a professional triathlete, reviews this hydration system as, “I was a bit reluctant to get this system at first, but boy oh boy! It has proved me wrong. The construction is rigid with awesome resistance. Plus, its ergonomic positioning helps me take the water bottle out of the cage with a blink of an eye.”


  • Bottle gets adjusted into the cage smoothly.
  • Perfect for long tracks.
  • Offers superb resistance on bumpy roads.


  • The bottle is too rigid.
  • Cage holder can’t absorb vibrations.

Aero TT with a sleek and slim design makes it easier to access the water bottle. The combo’s also available at a reasonable budget. So, check it out if it intrigues you.

9. XLAB Super Wing – Lightest Rear Mounted Hydration System

  • Ultra-Light Design
  • Secure and Adjustable
  • Ample Storage

XLAB Super Wing – Lightest Rear Triathlon Hydration System

XLAB Super Wing is one of the lightest rear hydration systems for triathlon bikes and we are not joking around at all. It’s constructed from lightweight yet premium materials to ensure proper stability and balance. Plus, it could also resist unwanted circumstances with ease. Thus it keeps the water bottles safe and protected. Plus, you could easily reach them without any hassle.

To begin with,

Super Wing features a premium aerospace and aluminum alloy that enhances its durability and sturdiness. In this perspective, it won’t twist unlike other water bottle carriers, and keep you hydrated at the same time.

Mounting is easy. That said, the rear hydration system gets rear mounted right behind the seat or saddle. You can mount it as per your preferences to keep up with other opponents during a long race.

With all the great feature we’ve discussed up till now, the one that stands out is the 4 bottle storage angles. Yeah, you heard that right. Super Wing bike mounted hydration system could be adjusted in 4 different angles as per your will and wish.

Paul who currently uses the XLAB Super Wing reviews it in the following words, “So far, one of the best hydration systems I’ve ever used. The angled system is quite good, plus this water bottle carrier doesn’t get any twists no matter how harsh the environment is.”


  • Rugged aerospace aluminum alloy construction.
  • Offers 4 different water storage angles.
  • 3 mounting positions available.
  • Ergonomic position for easy reach.


  • A bit expensive compared to other models.
  • No other major issue.

It’s lightweight, ensures 4 different cage angles, and gets mounted hydration system on 3 different rear mounted positions. So, it’s up to you whether you want such a versatile hydration system or not.

10. XLAB Delta 430 – Offers More Storage Options

  • Versatile Storage
  • Easy Access
  • Customizable Setup

XLAB Delta 430 – Offers More Storage Options

The last best triathlon hydration systems on our list is Delta 430 from XLAB. This versatile rear hydration system offers a plethora of qualities and features that professional athletes would surely love. More than that, it’s extremely rugged and robust, thus ensuring proper safety and protection of the water bottles at the same time.

To start with,

Delta 430 gets an easily mounted hydration system to ISM 3.0 and 3.1 saddles. On top of that, it’s mountable to triathlon and road bikes, making it sure that athletes could stay hydrated for a long time.

Moreover, the combination of a stainless steel frame mounted hydration system along with a carbon fibre grip ensures superior protection and safety. The durably engineered design offers peace of mind to the bikers who want to practice for long races. Besides, the manufacturer also offers a 3-year limited warranty in case the frame mounted hydration systems don’t work as expected.

Last but not least, the superb grip power of the rear hydration system allows it to avoid resistance, bumps, and vibrations. 10 pounds force makes sure that the bottle remains protected enough.

Charles, who’s been using the Delta 430 since January 2023, seems quite content about it. According to him, “I haven’t confronted any issue with this system up till now. It holds the water bottle really well and is designed ergonomically. I don’t face any issues while pulling out the bottle from it.”


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Offers superb grip.
  • Releases the water bottle with minimal effort.
  • Robust stainless steel and carbon fiber construction.


  • Expensive. (Justified)
  • Not recommended for beginners.

Meant for the professionals. Delta 430 will help you stay hydrated for a long time. Get it and you won’t regret this decision.

What is the best triathlon hydration system in 2023?
We recommend getting Profile Designs FC35 as it’s one of the most versatile triathlon hydration systems available in the market. Featuring an aerodynamic design, it gets adjusted in the middle of aerobars and is easy to drink water from. Plus, the magnetic bite valve is soft and it’s easy to handle as well.
What is the best rear triathlon hydration system?
For rear bike mounted systems, we suggest getting XLAB Mini Wing 105. It’s lightweight, can hold two water bottles at once, and is positioned ergonomically, so that you can access the bottle easily. It’s, therefore, our favorite when it comes to discussing rear triathlon systems.
How much time does it take to mount a hydration system on a bike?
It depends upon the design and type of hydration system you are using. For instance, an aerobar hydration takes somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes while a frame hydration system takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Rear models could take even less time, i.e. 3 to 5 minutes as you can mount them easily behind the saddles.

Some Last Words

Having the right triathlon system for your bike helps triathletes maintain their hydration during long races.

That’s one of the reasons you also need to get one and for that purpose, you could directly hover up and see the list we’ve made on it.

If you are still confused, then either go with the Wiel Water Bottle Holder or Profile Designs FC35 as these two systems will be more than enough for your bike.

Don’t forget to ask any queries related to the main topic and we will get back to them as soon as possible.

If you’re a dedicated triathlete, you understand that peak performance isn’t just about your hydration system. It’s also about the small details, like clean and clear vision when you’re in the water. That’s why it’s essential to know how to maintain your gear properly. For tips on keeping your swimming goggles in pristine condition, check out our guide on How To Clean Swimming Goggles?

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