Best Triathlon Shorts for Men and Women | 2023 Tri Gear Spotlight

You need the right triathlon gear to enhance your performance to be the best at triathlon.

Competitive races don’t give you the luxury to change clothes, so you must pay attention to essential details regarding triathlon shorts to continue your race without feeling uncomfortable.

Since running races can last a long time, you need shorts that are comfortable, breathable, and designed to mitigate muscle fatigue, ensuring you achieve a fast speed.

Therefore, we have reviewed some of the best Triathlon shorts to help you find the best match for your training and racing events.

Best Tri Shorts

Best Tri Shorts: Top Picks

GORE WEAR Shorts Men’s C3
  • Comfort fit
  • Bike-specific cut
  • 100% other fibers
SLS3 Triathlon Shorts Men’s
SLS3 Triathlon
  • No riding up
  • Perfect padding
  • Drawstring closure
Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts
Zone3 Buoyancy
  • Durable and Fit
  • An alternative to a pull buoy
  • Comfort-focused waistband
Gore Bike Wear Shorts
Gore Bike Wear
  • Knee-length
  • Super lightweight
  • Stretched & Breathable
Giro Cinder – Best for Adults
CANARI Triathlon Shorts
  • 6-panel design
  • Softouch bike leg grippers
  • Micro FLEECE seamless pad

Tri Shorts Review

1. SLS3 FRT 2.0 – Best Tri Shorts for the bike stage

Designed by Athletes for Athletes. These triathlon shorts are pockets perfected and have padding for ease of cycling and running. Get rid of riding up shorts again and again with this.

SLS3 Triathlon Shorts Men's

SLS3 is becoming a popular brand that is aimed at producing some of the best triathlon gear by giving special consideration to fabric quality and budget. The fabric feels exceptionally light and comfortable, which provides the right fit. It also offers two pockets at the hips for storing keys or energy gels.

Padding is an essential part of triathlon shorts, ensuring that each leg goes on comfortably well during the race.

The lightweight and slim chamois tri pad of the SLS3 shorts dries quickly, and you won’t even feel it when swimming or running. Thanks to the triathlon pad, you can have comfortable and long cycling sessions.

The Triathlon shorts have soft leg grips at the hem, which offers a secure fit and prevents the shorts from riding up the legs. This is important to consider as it can distract you from the race if you are constantly required to roll down the hems. Furthermore, the bike leg grips are composed of a slightly tight and soft fabric to offer better comfort.

The SLS3 men’s Triathlon shorts offer good durability thanks to their flat seams and quality fabric material, and as a result, you won’t have to look for a different brand of triathlon shorts.

Moreover, you can safely wash the shorts many times and won’t damage them at all. These are the best budget triathlon shorts; you can use them for training and running in competitive races.

With the excellent affordability of the shorts, you can try them out and see if it matches your requirement. Unlike other expensive brands, you don’t have to spend too much on SLS3 Triathlon shorts.


  • Affordable.
  • Highly durable.
  • Quick-drying tri pad.
  • Soft and secure grips.


  • Higher waist.

2. Gore Wear 100047 – Men’s Tri Shorts

Comfort fit for warm weather conditions, fast moisture wicking, and has a concealed front zipper. Best Fit for Men by GORE.

GORE WEAR Shorts Men's C3 Wear

The GORE WEAR C3 are comfortable and lightweight men’s trail shorts that are ideal for mountain biking or smooth trail on the hills. The shorts’ slightly loose fit ensures blood circulation in your body, which is an important factor to consider when looking for the best triathlon shorts for men.

These shorts offer a lot of storage for pocketing small energy snacks and gels, thanks to the two front and two zip pockets at the sides.

The fabric quality of the C3 triathlon shorts is exceptionally well as it uses breathable polyester mesh. The soft yet durable fabric allows for greater comfort, and it never feels too tight on the skin.

With a length of 13 inches, the shorts offer better coverage and protection from the sun when cycling. The partially elastic band and the belt loops provide a secure fit.

Available in three colors, the C3 triathlon shorts have quite a casual design that does not look too flashy or attention-grabbing.

Since these triathlon shorts do not provide an inner padded layer, you would have to buy a separate one for going on long cycling training sessions. The shorts provide excellent stitching quality, which is quite obvious by their flat seams. As a result, you don’t feel the seams, which otherwise could be extremely annoying.

A combination of nylon and elastane is used as the fabric of the C3 shorts, which not only makes them more airy but durable as well.

Furthermore, the material used in the construction of the GORE WEAR C3 Trail triathlon shorts for moisture wicking , thereby avoiding an uncomfortable ride.


  • Flat seams.
  • Plenty of pockets.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Breathable & lightweight fabric.


  • Lacks inner padding.

3. Synergy – Swim Triathlon Shorts

Made with superior fabric i.e., semi-compression materials that let you perform better with comfort in your triathlon swim race. Have a large enough pad made with NeoGel.

Synergy Men's Tri Shorts

Synergy is a well-reputed brand developed by athletes so that you can expect superb quality and amazing balance between compression and comfort in their shorts.

The Synergy Tri Shorts are versatile shorts that are designed for all kinds of triathlon training, whether cycling or swimming.

Synergy has used durable materials for creating the fabric of the triathlon shorts so they can last longer. The fabric offers the right breathability and snugness, which makes it suitable to wear in different weathers. These are light enough to provide plenty of speed in open water or the pool.

Length of shorts and the efficiency of leg grippers are personal preferences, and it’s always appreciated to have several options to choose from. It provides different length options from 6 to 10 inches for easily selecting the one you prefer. In this way, you can find the best match and also protect your skin from the sun.

There are two pockets at the back for storing your keys. It does not have too many pockets since there is no necessary need for them, and if you prefer it this way, then these triathlon shorts may appeal to you. The stitching of the shorts is neatly done, and the shorts fit quite well.

The bike leg grips at the bottom of the shorts offer a tighter and more secure fit. Without leg grips, it can be quite annoying if the hem of the shorts is always riding up when swimming and could slow you down.

Therefore, these triathlon shorts are worth considering.


  • Clean stitching.
  • Long-lasting fabrics.
  • Comfortable leg grips.
  • Available in several lengths.


  • Chaffing on knees.

4. Pearl iZUMi – Triathlon Biking Shorts

Have flatlock seams and plush elastic silicone that ensures not to irritate your skin while gripping legs at their place while running.

Pearl iZUMi Tri Shorts

The Pearl iZUMi Select Pursuit Tri Shorts is a popular choice of many triathletes due to their simple design and versatile performance in cycling, running, and swimming. With such a reasonable price tag and good flexibility, these are best suited for race day triathlon training.

The shorts have a modest length and provide good coverage for thighs, offering additional sun protection. The SELECT Transfer fabric of the tri shorts offers balanced compression for achieving the perfect fit. The fabric is soft, making the tri shorts more comfortable and breathable for better performance.

The leg grippers at the ends smoothly wrap around the thighs and hold them in place due to their elastic property. You get two color options for the triathlon shorts, navy blue and black, and both look equally nice to choose from.

You can cover several miles in these shorts without being uncomfortable, and that is due to the spandex composition of the fabric. For people who prefer minimalist triathlon shorts, there is one pocket available in it, which can be used to store energy gels pack.

The SELECT Pursuit Tri shorts have a decent amount of padding, which makes them ideal for swimming. With lesser padding, you can easily move against the water in the pool. And since the fabric has a quick-drying ability, it feels quite comfortable when racing.


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Good compression.
  • Light and soft padding.


  • Less padding for cycling.

5. Canari Women’s Triathlete Shorts for Swim

Nicely designed women’s triathlon shorts by CANARI having fleece seamless pad for your comfort. These shorts are made with Nylon and Spandex that ensure high quality.

Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Pro Shorts

The CANARI Women’s Triathlon Shorts are a highly affordable good pair of shorts that are specially designed for cycling. These shorts provide a wider range of motion due to their flexible fabric. It has panels on the sides that allow for more movement when running or cycling.

The fabric of the triathlon shorts is composed of a combination of Lycra and Nylon that makes it more breathable. Furthermore, it wicks moisture quickly, thereby preventing you from feeling distracted during the race.

Despite being cycling shorts, you can wear them for all triathlon training due to their comfortable design. The shorts offer a better compression, and you don’t feel them loosen up at any point when training.

Thanks to its quality materials, the Canari shorts last a long time without wearing out. With an adjustable elastic waistband and drawstring, you can quickly put it on.

The grips at the bottom of the triathlon shorts keep the hems in place and do not allow them to ride up. At the same time, the leg grippers feel soft and snug fit, which offers a comfortable cycling experience.

It comes in black color and offers a simple and elegant design that looks appealing.

The shorts have integrated lightweight and seamless padding that keeps you stable and comfortable on the bike. The padding is neither too thin nor too thick and therefore, you don’t feel it. And if you decide to swim in these triathlon shorts, it won’t weigh you down.


  • Durable.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Better motion range.
  • Soft and lightweight padding.


  • Available in black only.

6. Pearl Izumi – Best for Men

Imported shorts made with the usage of Nylon, Polyester, and Elastane. Can be used by men for Outdoor recreation sports, Cycling, or Triathlon. Have one for you.

Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Pro Shorts

The Pearl Izumi Ride Pro are excellent bike shorts that offer the right amount of padding for comfortably covering distances on the bike.

The chamois used in the triathlon shorts is adequately thick in the right places where you require better padding. The colorful leg grips at the hem of shorts add a unique style to it.

The In-R cool fabric of the Pro shorts provides a good amount of cooling when the sun is up. It protects your legs from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

You can wear them for long cycling rides as it offers a greater amount of comfort on the road.

The Pro shorts have a high compression that has adequate multi directional stretch for achieving flexibility when cycling. The stretching ability of the triathlon shorts keeps you comfortable and confident throughout the race. The fit is slightly tight, and therefore, you should look for the perfect size.

For being the best triathlon shorts, they should last longer and survive many training sessions. And fortunately, these triathlon shorts offer long-lasting durability due to their well-constructed chamois. The fabric has a quick-drying property, which wicks away sweat and moisture from the shorts.

You won’t be able to feel the flat seams, which allow for an enjoyable riding experience. Performance-wise, the Pearl Izumi Bike Ride is exceptionally better than some of the other triathlon shorts by the same brand as they offer a firm fit. And therefore, you come out victorious in races.


  • Thick chamois.
  • Ideal for training.
  • Fabric offers to cool.
  • Durable and dries quickly.


  • Slightly tight.

7. SLS3 – Best for Women‘s Tri Shorts

Another super comfy Tri Shorts for women with soft chamois ensuring slim athletic fit. Wanna look cute and have durability at the same time? This will be your best pick with exceptional quality.

SLS3 Tri Shorts for Women

The SLS3 Tri shorts for women are extremely flexible and comfortable to wear for any triathlon race, and you can expect improvement in your performance. The super-lightweight design of the shorts speeds up your movements and helps you maintain them during the entire race.

The quality fabrics used in the composition of the tri shorts make them easily stick to the body. It does not feel tight or uncomfortable due to the form-fitting material of the shorts. By offering better coverage, these triathlon shorts protect the thighs from harmful UV rays.

The padding provided on the shorts is thin and lightweight to make running and to swim more comfortable.

Moreover, the thin triathlon chamois dries quickly, so you don’t have to deal with excessive moisture. You can also perform cycling in these shorts if you are not used to thicker padding.

The elastic grips on the hem of this triathlon shorts fit comfortably and make the legs look slim. They have enough tightness to keep the hem from rolling upwards.

Therefore, the tri shorts remain in place throughout the race or training session. And this keeps you from getting distracted during the race.

The flat seams of the SLS3 women’s tri shorts prevent friction, and you can give your best in the race without worrying about irritation and chafing.

Consequently, you don’t feel the seams, and you can fully concentrate on the race and give your best performance.


  • No chafing.
  • Comfortable fabric.
  • Lightweight chamois.
  • Improved running and swimming.


  • Limited padding.

8. Zone3 Triathlon Pants

Zone3’s shorts for ultra triathlete swimmers. Made with smoothskin neoprene and have extended durability to enhance your speed. Keep your hips and legs high while swimming with these triathlon shorts.

Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts

Now known as the Originals, the Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts, with their new and improved design, are still quite popular amongst swimmers. The amazing buoyancy offered by the shorts allows you to perfect your techniques when swimming. It effortlessly lifts the hips and lets you achieve better speed in the water.

Zone3 uses a different amount of thickness for the fabric on the sides and at the center.

The Neoprene used at the center has a thickness of 3mm, whereas the one used on the sides is 5mm thick. This makes triathlon shorts more durable and allows for maximum flexibility when stretching the legs. Neoprene is highly resistant to moisture, so you won’t feel weighed down when swimming.

These shorts fit perfectly well and smoothly wraps around the thighs, provided you have the correct size.

The seams are flat and neat, which provides an overall elegant design. The soft neoprene fabric feels comfortable and secure on the thighs. The high-waisted design of triathlon shorts can appeal to a number of swimmers.

These are best triathlon swim shorts for beginners as they are quite lightweight, and thus you can swim faster and overcome the water resistance. This allows you to quickly learn different swimming techniques and give you the confidence to participate in competitive swimming races.

The Zone3 Originals Buoyancy triathlon Shorts are outstanding swimming shorts that are comfortable, minimalist, and offer long-lasting durability due to their top-quality fabric.

You can put them on easily as the fabric material is quite flexible, and you get on with swimming.


  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Long-lasting fabric.
  • Quickly wicks water.
  • Improves swimming techniques.


  • No pockets.

9. Zoot Core 9″ – Best for Cycling

Performance Triathlon Shorts made for men having hip holster pockets and seamlink stitched. The pads are cafe-free and fast drying.

Zoot Core 9 Men’s Tri Shorts

The Zoot Core 9” Men’s tri shorts are well known for their well-constructed design that makes cycling and running so much better. These offer amazing light compression for the thighs for allowing better flexibility.

In terms of looks, these are quite simple, which says a lot about their quality composition.

The Integra 2D fleece chamois of this triathlon shorts provide good support and padding when cycling. And a regular cyclist, the amount of padding offered by the shorts is more than enough. In this way, you can cycle and cover long distances without getting uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the rapid drying ability of the chamois eliminates irritations. The tri shorts have neat seamline stitching that feels quite smooth and helps reduce chafing. These are probably the first triathlon shorts to have small hip pockets for keeping your energy gels pack.

The long length of the shorts allows for more coverage especially if you don’t prefer short shorts. The gripper-free hem of the triathlon shorts keeps them from driving up the thighs. It perfectly secures theupper legs and allows for a firm yet soft fit.

The fabric of the shorts feels quite soft and has a natural shine to it. You can expect to cycle comfortably and confidently in these shorts due to their elegant design. The zoot triathlon shorts Core 9″ Men’s is an amazing pair of shorts that checks all the boxes for offering pleasant cycling rides.


  • Soft fabric.
  • High-quality chamois.
  • Well constructed design.
  • Reduced chafing and irritation.


  • Slightly loose.

10. Gore Outdoor Recreation Shorts

Knee Length, Super Lightweight, Stretch, and Breathable shorts by GORE. Made with Fabric, Elastane, and Mesh. The inseam is enough longer that’s perfect fit for any waist.

Gore Bike Wear Shorts

Gore Wear has been manufacturing amazing triathlon gear for years now, and it never fails to impress when it comes to comfort and fabric quality.

The Bike Wear men’s triathlon shorts are long length shorts offering a length of 13.3 inches, which allows you to wear them on any casual excursion in the mountains.

The materials used for the fabric are soft and firm that keeps you comfortable during the entire ride. Since the fabric is super light, it allows you to remain cool during the race day when the sun would be at its peak.

You can wear these shorts casually as well due to their simple design.

It offers a bunch of pockets; two zipper pockets at the sides and two at the front. This gives you plenty of storage space for pocketing all the necessary essentials such as keys, gels, or a few small snacks.

The quick-wicking and drying quality is highly appreciated in races, making them one of the best triathlon shorts.

The bike shorts consist of useful zipper tags for offering a quick opening and closing mechanism. The adequate elasticity in the waistband of the cycling shorts makes them flexible and easy to fit into. Moreover, it has belt loops, which allow you to use a belt for achieving a tighter fit.

The bike shorts are quite durable, which is credited to their superior quality fabrics. With a navy blue color and impeccable stitching, the shorts look quite nice.

The Gore Wear Bike Men’s shorts can last you a long time and are ideal for covering short and medium cycling distances.


  • Stylish design.
  • Several pockets.
  • Offers comfortable fit.
  • Durable fabric materials.


  • Limited padding.

Wrapping Up

It is important to have the right triathlon clothes for being victorious in triathlon races. It would be best if you had tri shorts that are comfortable, provide the right fit, and does not restrict your movements.

Therefore, it is best to look closely at the measurement and the fabric composition of the shorts before buying a pair. Some of our favorite triathlon shorts are given below.

  • GORE WEAR C3 Trail Shorts are quite well known for their comfortable fitting and many pockets.
  • SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Shorts offers long-lasting durability and lightweight padding.
  • Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts are ideal for swimming due to their quick-drying fabric.

So that is all for the best triathlon shorts. Since there are so many brands manufacturing gear for triathletes, you have a bunch of options to select the right pair of tri shorts.

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