Swim Workout for Triathletes: Training Schedule for Beginners

As a beginner triathlete or swimmer, we must learn to walk before we run, and you may have heard people talking about these fancy or super hard threshold sessions and workouts. Well, forget about that because at the moment because we must focus on the fundamentals as well as the basic skills that are going to really set you up as a swimmer.

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Triathlon Swim Training Plan

So one of the key sessions that we should be performing as a beginner is the aerobic set.

1. Aerobic Set

As the name suggests, an aerobic set means that you perform them aerobically, so with oxygen, and to achieve this, you need to be doing it at an easy pace. Now, by doing it at an easy pace, this actually means that we can rack up some good duration and distance and increase the rep lengths, which in turn is going to improve our endurance, which is obviously key for triathlon events.

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Now, this brings us back to the analogy I started out with, learn to walk before we run. That’s why it is essential that at this easy pace, we build up that rep length gradually rather than trying to increase rep length as well as the speed at the same time because that is just a recipe for disaster.

Here we have some examples for sessions throughout four different types of workouts, but it’s important that you do a good warm-up, a good warm-down so that you are preparing for the session and recovering well, and prepping for the next one.

You have to begin a good aerobic set with 5 lots of 200 m at any easy pace. There, you have to take 30 seconds of recovery between each rep. Hence, it will give you 1000 meters in the main set.

Next up, you have to progress with 30 seconds of recovery and 4 lots of 300meters aerobics. So, it will give you 1200 meters in the main set.

After that, you have to keep increasing the rep length, and at the same time, you should also reduce the reps’ numbers. In this way, you can get 3 lots of 400 meters aerobics.

Now, take 30-40 seconds of recovery, and you will get 1200 meters in the main set the increase it to go big.

With 30 to 40 seconds of aerobic recovery, you have to do lots of 500 meters. In this way, you will get 100 meters in the main set but a rather long rep length now.

Well, the first time through the two lots of 500m may seem pretty tough for you to begin out with. But when you try adding next time around in a third rep, you can do three lots of 500 meters. That’s a whopping 1500-meter main set. If you think about it, that is the distance in an Olympic triathlon swim workout, so you have covered that distance in a swim workout for triathlon beginners with simply around 30-40 seconds of rest every 500 meters. Without a doubt, it is a pretty good confidence boost. 

2. Technique Session

Moving in from our basic aerobic base work and onto an equally as important area, that is, without technique sets for swimming workouts for Ironman. Now regardless of how hard you are training or the tough sets that you are doing, if you are the foundation and your technique is not in place, then all of that can fall apart. Also, you won’t actually be able to access those top-end speeds in the first place.

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With technique sets, it’s quite often regarded as a recovery set, fair enough. They are maybe not as hard as the speed set or a threshold set. But we find them relatively draining because you have to focus a lot on your stroke and analyze how that stroke is feeling.

With that in mind, we often recommend trying to break the reps down in a technique set. It makes you keep focused, and the results will be high, and fatigue does set in. You can also stop recover, reset, and off because you can keep going.

Also, you have to begin with a set of eight lots of 50 meters drill-focused, and swim in 25 drills, 25 meters easy. It takes 15 seconds of recovery between each of the reps.

You have to swim up to 100 meters and take 30 seconds of recovery with an easy pull.

After that, you have to do 4 lots of 75 meters with a middle up to 25 drills with easy swimming and take 20 seconds of recovery between each of the reps.

Now you have to swim 100 meters with an easy pull and recovery of 30 seconds and a couple of lots of 100 meters with 25 meters drill. It can make 75 meters easy swim with a recovery of 30 seconds between each rep.

Lastly, you have to round out 100 meters with an easy pull to get 1200 meters in the main set.

You had noticed that we give the drill reps only 25 meters because before, we mentioned that short is nice and best for swim workout for triathlon beginners. Also, it allows you to keep the quality above and above for the entire duration.


That’s all workouts for you, and we hope you do enjoy them. You can start with the aerobic and technique sets, and then you have to keep going into strength and speed workouts. Unless you are able to do these swim workouts per week, you will get good results.

We will also provide you triathlon swim training schedule for beginners, so let us know about you get on in the comment section below who need that.

As you progress in your triathlon journey, you might contemplate whether to stick to standard triathlons or challenge yourself with the Ironman. To help you make an informed decision, read our comprehensive article on Ironman vs Triathlon.

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