Best Triathlon Bags to Keep Your Gear Organized in 2023 | Which One Tops the List?

Do you want to relieve the additional stress of gear organization before race day? Getting the best triathlon bag is the ultimate solution. These triathlon bags have huge loading capacities and use dividers to divide the space into separate compartments. These compartments help the athletes organize their multiple sports gear.

These tri bags also have quick-access external pockets for smaller items like helmets, water bottles, sunglasses, and swimming goggles. This organization and space division helps the triathletes keep their triathlon gear organized and well-maintained and gives them quick access to the items on race day.

Another additional benefit of these tri bags is that they have a separate wetsuit compartment. It accommodates all your wet and dirty stuff while keeping other items perfectly dry and clean.

10 Best Triathlon Bags

Speedo Tri Clops Backpack
Speedo Tri Clops
  • Huge 50L capacity
  • For professional triathletes
  • 3D molded straps
TYR Apex Transition Bag
TYR Apex
  • Draw-bridge style
  • For flawless transition
  • Equal weight distribution
Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag
Zoot Sports Ultra
  • 600D nylon polyester
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Big dedicated compartments
BlueSeventy Transition Bag
BlueSeventy Transition
  • 44L capacity
  • Maximum comfort
  • Lightweight to carry
ORCA Transition Bag
Coros APEX
  • For wet and dry gear
  • Uses 100D ripstop nylon
  • Proper ventilation system

Below, we have reviewed these best triathlon bags, give a read to this article, and you will find your perfect match.

1. Speedo Tri Clops Backpack

A 50L Tri Clops Backpack made with Nylon by Speedo. Large enough and have ergonomic 3D molded straps with a perforated ventilation system.

Speedo Unisex Tri Clops Backpack

Speedo Unisex Tri-Clops is on the top of the Ten Best Triathlon Bags list. It is one of the most loved triathlon bags, with dedicated pockets, specialized compartments, and a smooth zip system for quickly getting things in and out. Therefore, this well organized triathlon bag has the potential to fulfill the needs of professional triathletes.

Wait a minute! When optimizing your triathlon gear setup, don’t overlook the importance of a well-designed cage and water bottle system for triathletes. This essential component ensures that you stay hydrated during your race without compromising your speed or focus.

The best part of the Speedo Unisex Tri-Clop is its huge capacity. In this huge capacity, the triathlon bag can handle all your tri-gear, including swimming, running, and cycling gear. Moreover, the capacity is well utilized by dividing into separate compartments. This feature helps you keep your triathlon gear well organized and welcomes more items than its normal capacity.

Another greater concern of tri-athletes is whether their triathlon bag will help them run faster or not. Well, it all depends upon the comfort and breathability. For maximum comfort, the bag comes with 3D molded shoulder straps. The 3D molded technology helps in equal weight distribution, resulting in less itching and pain in the shoulders.

Moreover, these straps are padded to provide additional comfort and cushion and are perforated for maximum ventilation. The back panel also uses 3D technology for maximum ventilation and foam padding for optimum comfort and cushion.

The back panel is engineered to ensure maximum ventilation that keeps the athlete’s back cool and hydrated during the race.

In addition to unmatched comfort, another noteworthy feature of the triathlon bag is its superior organization. It has dedicated pockets for running and cycling footwear.

Moreover, a quick-zip fleece pocket is also there for sunglasses and swimming goggles. These pockets are easily reachable, and you can easily let the items in and out even without removing the bike helmet.

Furthermore, a dedicated pocket for dirt and wet gear is the most valuable part of the bag. You can easily put all your wet but important swimming gear in a separate compartment without creating a mess all around your well organized triathlon bag.

As the capacity and price of the bag suggest that it is a specialized product for professional triathletes. Its huge capacity helps them keep all their sports gear well organized.

Moreover, 3D Molded, padded straps and back panel help them run faster by providing maximum ventilation and cushion.


  • Huge 50L capacity.
  • Dedicated pocket for wet gear.
  • 3d molded shoulder straps and back panel.


  • A bit bulky.

2. TYR Apex Transition Bag

Made with a high ratio of polyester, it has a capacity of 40 Liters. No matter whether you are in the race or went out for recreational activities, take edge in all of your athletic activities with this triathlon bag.

TYR Apex Transition Bag

TYR apex transition is another specialized backpack for professional and recreational tri-athletes with amazing 40L capacity, superior construction, and excellent organization for a flawless transition.

The selling point of this transition pack is its superior organization. Its capacity is beautifully divided into useful compartments to comfortably accommodate all your sports and personal gear.

It has specialized compartments for footwear and sunglasses. This feature keeps all your essentials organized, and you can find them easily whenever needed. Not only for racing, but this triathlon bag is also handy for other traveling or everyday use.

It has a draw-bridge-style main compartment, which gives you quick and facilitated access to all your equipment within seconds. It has a separate laptop sleeve, too.

Another amazing part of its organization is its bottom wet-suit compartment. This space welcomes all your wet junk, keeping your other essentials perfectly dry and clean.

It is one of the most strong and durable triathlon bags, made with Polyurethane and polyester material. The polyurethane material has a superior loading bearing, making it one of the most stable and long-lasting triathlon bags on the market.

Comfortability and equal weight distribution are other important features in triathlon bags. TYR Apex transition bags have adjustable straps with superior padding for maximum comfort and support.

The back panel is also padded, which feels extremely soft on weight, making it comfortable to carry all around. The bag also features a waist strap for added comfort and stability, which helps in more even weight distribution, and a top handle is there for easy transportation.

TYR Apex transition bag is one of the finest triathlon bags, with a flexible organization of swim gear and durable construction. The feature that helps it stand out as the best triathlon bag for bikes is its unmatched comfortability coupled with superior distribution of space for maximum loading.


  • Excellent space division.
  • Dedicated laptop sleeve.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps.


  • Relatively small compartments.

3. Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag

Traveling styled Transition Bag made for Pro Triathletes. Have adjustable shoulder straps with external compression. Get the triathlon checklist inside it and enjoy your triathlon training journey.

Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Bag

Zoot Sports Ultra Tri bag is another favorite of tri-athletes. With superior compartmentalization and durable construction, this triathlon bag helps you keep all your racing and personal essentials well organized on race day.

The selling point of the bag is its unmatched durability. It uses 600D nylon polyester material, which is one of the most wanted materials for backpacks. This material has amazing abrasion resistance, amazing strength, and it can handle heavy loads, making it a favorite choice for the tri-athletes. It can handle the heavy pressure of all your sporting essentials, being highly resistant to wear and tear.

Another important feature of the triathlon bags is their compartmentalization and space division. Thankfully, the bag’s capacity is well-divided into small and big dedicated compartments, where you can put all your swimming, cycling gear in a calculated way for the race day.

Furthermore, the dedicated pockets for water bottles and separate fleece linings for sunglasses and swimming goggles provide easy access to these items during the race.

Moreover, it has a separate compartment for wet and dirty items. It keeps these damp and dirty water isolated, keeping the other items dry and safe. Another amazing thing about the triathlon bag is its protective helmet compartment.

The bag is highly comfortable with adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel. These molded shoulder straps assist in even weight distribution, making it highly comfortable during racing and long-distance traveling.

The triathlon bag is an excellent choice for travelers and racing enthusiasts. With excellent space division, the bag offers maximum flexibility to organize your swim gear according to your preferences.

Moreover, it uses 400d and 600d nylon polyester, which is considered the strongest backpack material, making it one of the most durable triathlon bags on the market.


  • Highly comfortable.
  • Excellent space distribution.
  • Dedicated compartment for a helmet.


  • Relatively small capacity.

4. BlueSeventy Transition Bag

Water-resistant triathlon gear backpack by BlueSeventy having cushioned shoulder strap to make it easy and comfortable for you to carry. You can use it for both wet and dry products as it contains respective separate compartments.

BlueSeventy Transition Bag

Blueseventy Transition bag is an amazing product for professional triathletes that helps them manage all their gear during travel, on the race day, and even when they are away from home for a long time.

The first and most important feature that a triathlete looks for in a backpack is its capacity. Professional tri-athletes are highly pleased to get this triathlon bag as it offers a 44L capacity.

Moreover, the amazing division of this capacity makes the space more useful. The amazing compartmentalization helps you organize all your racing gear your way.

It also features quick access to external pockets for hydration bottles and fleece lining for sunglasses and swimming goggles. There is a wet suit compartment at the bottom, where you can put all your wet and dirty gear.

Moreover, it is a great choice for athletes who often fly to other states and countries for sports events. It is extremely lightweight to carry around over long distances and easily fits in a plane’s overhead baggage compartment if you remove the bike helmet.

In addition to the main division, it has extra small pockets and pouches, where you can put all your personal essentials like cellular phone, hands-free, and medicines. It also has internal secret pockets, where you can safely keep your keys, cards, and important documents.

The feature that helps it stand out as the best triathlon bag is the maximum comfort it provides to its users. Its thick padded shoulder straps provide support and cushion and help in equal weight distribution, making it highly comfortable even on the harshest terrains. The narrow back panel with raised padding is extremely soft on the back and lets the airflow in and out to keep your back cool.

If you are looking for a traveling cum sports backpack with maximum capacity and easy transportation, blueseventy transition bags should be your first choice.

Moreover, its 32 Litre main space is amazingly divided into useful compartments, making the packing process a real breeze.


  • Extra pockets.
  • Excellent space division.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Dedicated bike helmet pocket.


  • Non-removable wetsuit compartment.

5. ORCA Transition Bags

Fabric type used is the blend of cotton, nylon, spandex and lycra. Making it friendly against wear and tear. Have 70L capacity and separate compartment for wet gear, triathlon helmet, and smart phone.

ORCA Transition Bag

ORCA transition gear bags are particularly engineered for triathletes, keeping their pre-race and post-race requirements in mind. The triathlon bag has a massive 50L capacity, widely divided using a waterproof partition material, making it equally suitable for both wet and dry gear.

Being a triathlete, you need a well-organized transition bag that happily welcomes your tri-sports gear. Its 50L capacity is divided into small and big compartments that keep your gear well organized, and you don’t need to dig in every time to find the items during the race.

It has separate pockets with a quick zip system that holds both your running and cycling footwear. Moreover, it has additional small pockets that help you keep all your personal essentials like goggles, sunglasses, wristwatches, supplements, snacks, cards, etc. External pockets hold hydration bottles and give you easy and quick access whenever you need them.

Another selling point of this triathlon backpack is its durable construction. It uses a 100D ripstop nylon material. It is a lightweight yet strong material, with excellent resistance to wear and tear under rough use and heavier loads.

Comfortability is another major concern of the athletes, especially for those who often travel to compete in various sports events. The triathlon bag has 3D molded backpack straps and a back panel that are padded to provide cushion and are perforated to facilitate airflow.

This proper ventilation system in the shoulder strap and back panel keeps your back cool and hydrated during race and practice sessions. Moreover, shoulder straps help in even weight distribution, and waist straps are also there for added stability and comfort.

ORCA transition is an ideal triathlon bag for professional triathletes that helps them keep their sports and traveling gear organized.

Moreover, its amazing capacity to hold maximum gear, strong, durable construction, and exceptional comfort make it one of the best triathlon bags on the market.


  • 50L huge capacity.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Well organized space and pockets.
  • Perforated and 3D molded backpack straps.


  • A bit bulky for regular use.

6. Elite Tri Box Bag for Triathlon

Having multi-designated compartments, this backpack is perfect for triathletes made by Todson. If you are an amateur triathlete and need one as your race companion, give it a try.

Elite Tri Box Bag for Triathlon

Elite TRi box bag is a foldable and flexible backpack that is ideal for athletes and triathletes with complex organization needs.

The best part of the bag is a customizable design. It offers three different layouts for the transition area, making it easier for different athletes to shape the bag according to their needs.

The standard setup is ideal for traveling purposes, so it holds the maximum load in this setup. The PRO layout is an ideal setup for the race day. In this setup, the bag offers exceptional organization of gear in various compartments and easily reachable pockets.

Moreover, there are two additional setups, lite, and lite pro, that are best when you are looking for a compact and small backpack. In this layout, it folds down into a small backpack for easy carrying away during traveling. It completely folds down in a self-contained backpack when not in use for easy storage.

It also has additional compartments where you can put all your wet gear, completely isolated from the other items in the bag. A towel is also included, which helps you dry your sweaty and wet feet during race and practice sessions.

Also, there are additional internal and external pockets where you can organize your personal gear, including phone, documents, supplements, moisturizers, helmets, quick energy snacks, and sporting accessories like water bottles, and gloves, etc.

Elite Tri Box is an extremely customizable sports backpack with four different layouts of transition areas, making it an ideal choice for sportsmen with different gear and organizational requirements.

Moreover, if you are concerned with easy transportation and ease of traveling, its foldable design will help you a lot.


  • Large capacity.
  • Highly customizable.
  • For professional triathletes.


  • Needs to be assembled, can be confusing.

7. TYR Convoy Transition Bag

Nylon made high-quality transition backpack by the world’s most recognizable triathlon brand, TYR. Have adjustable locking clips and a separate wetsuit compartment.

TYR Elite Convoy Transition Bag

TYR convoy transition bag is a specialized product that keeps your gear of various disciplines in a calculated manner and helps you relieve the stress of the race day.

This bag has an amazing capacity of more than 80L, which is beautifully divided by mesh-dividers into three main compartments. You can store your swimming, cycling, and running gear separated and well-organized.

A separate pocket for footwear helps you store your running and cycling shoes during and after the race.

In addition to the main storage compartment, it has front mesh stretch pockets for helmet storage and various internal and external pockets, where you can put all your stuff like water bottles, documents, phones, and supplements. Also, there is a wetsuit compartment, where you can store all your swimming suits and sweaty gear after the race. This compartment is also removable, and you can keep it aside when not in use.

Moreover, it has a height-adjustable frame and locking clip that helps you make it a compact size backpack for traveling and easy transportation. It has a highly durable and strong construction, using stretchable nylon and metal frame. This construction is highly water resistant fabric to wear and tear and remains strong and sturdy under heavy loads and rough use.

It’s a shoulder strap design with 15-inch shoulder straps and a padded back panel for comfort and stability. The back panel is designed in a way that lets the air flow in and out, keeping your back cool during RACE and hard practice sessions.

TYR Cony transition backpack comes with three spacious compartments, where triathletes can organize their sporting gear for the race day.

Moreover, its huge capacity and adjustable size make the bag ideal for professional athletes, who tend to participate in international sports events.


  • Huge capacity.
  • Adjustable height and width.
  • Separate helmet compartment.
  • Removable wet suit waterproof compartment.


  • Pricey.

8. 2XU Unisex Transition Bag

100% Nylon made waterproof Triathlon Bag with zippered pouch. This bag features a large compartment for gear, towels, and other items you need in your triathlon race.

2XU Unisex Transition Bag

2xU Unisex transition is another triathlon backpack with durable nylon construction and an amazing capacity of around 40L. The bag is a lightweight, compact size product that is ideal for long-distance traveling.

The duffel bag features separate compartments with quick zip access. These separate compartments allow athletes to organize their multiple sports gear before and after the race. The main compartments are spacious where you can put all your footwear and sports kits.

Moreover, there are many small external and external pockets where you can keep your small personal use items, like medicines, caps, phone documents, snacks, etc. On both sides of the duffel bag, there are two quick-access pockets for water bottles.

The lower section of the gym bag is completely waterproof, where you can put all your wet and sweaty stuff. This waterproof compartment has a proper drainage and ventilation system that keeps the compartment fresh and clean for a long time.

Furthermore, the bag has an extremely comfortable back panel and shoulder straps. The back panel is padded and feels extremely soft on the back. Shoulder straps are also padded and feature an adjustable ergonomic design that provides excellent fit, making it extremely comfortable to wear even when completely loaded. The duffel bag can also be used for traveling and recreational purposes.

Its customizable design and large capacity make it ideal for travelers who carry heavy loads with them. Moreover, the piping of reflective detailing improves visibility that helps you find it in dark conditions.

2XU Unisex transition bag with spacious transition pockets and flexible organization is an excellent choice for professional triathletes. The best part of the gym bag is its exceptional construction quality, which helps it withstand heavy loads and rough use for a long time.


  • Durable under rough use.
  • Spacious and customizable.
  • Waterproof wetsuit compartment.


  • The back panel is not breathable.

9. ROKA Triathlon Backpack

A huge bag with huge value! ROKA transition is a laptop styled waterproof backpack made for triathletes and outdoor geeks. Have a frequent-first main compartment to find your frequently used things at place.

ROKA Triathlon Transition Backpack

Roka transition Pack is an expensive but extremely spacious and professional transition pack that keeps personal and sports stuff well organized and maintained.

It has a 38L capacity divided into three main compartments separated by velcro walls, small pockets, and pouches that hold all your racing, intermediate, and personal stuff, well maintained and organized.

In addition to the main compartments where you put your sports kits, it has external protective compartments for helmets and other stuff. The bag also features side expandable pockets, where you can put your water bottles of any size and easily take them out during the race without wasting a single minute.

Although this bag is a bit expensive, it offers the best value for money. It features an extremely sturdy and strong nylon construction and a reliable zipper system. The bag comes with HD 420 high tenacity nylon construction, making it highly resistant to wear and tear even under heavy loads and rough and tough use.

Moreover, a PU additional coating makes the bag completely waterproof, which is an exceptional feature for any sports bag.

In addition to durable construction, another noteworthy feature is its smooth and top-quality zipping system. These zip locks are easy to unlock and stay smooth and functional for a long time, increasing the reliability of the bag.

It comes with a rigid frame and can stand on its own. This feature helps in quick and easy loading and unloading. Moreover, this frame provides additional support when you put extra loads in the bag. The back panel and shoulder straps are padded for comfortability and easy transportation.

Moreover, it has an external quick access pocket, where you can put your laptop, important documents like passport and ID cards, etc. The bag can also be used for traveling and recreational purposes. If you are fond of traveling, as it accommodates heavier loads, keeps the gear organized, and offers quick access to personal use items.

Roka transition has all those features that a professional triathlete looks for in a triathlon bag. Its superior construction, excellent space organization, and huge capacity help it stand out as one of the best triathlon bags on the market.


  • Durable construction.
  • Superior organization.
  • Sturdy metal fare for support.


  • Expensive.

10. SLS3 Triathlon Transition Bag

A triathlon transition pack made by athletes for triathletes. Perfect for putting triathlon mat and other cycling gear with 40L of capacity. Need ultimate comfort with multiple features alike? try this!

SLS3 Triathlon Transition Bag

SLS3 triathlon bag is a spacious, flexible, and functional triathlon bag that comes with valuable features to fulfill the needs of professional triathletes.

If you are looking for an inexpensive triathlon bag with quality construction and cool features, this is an ideal choice for you.

The bag comes with a big main compartment where you can put all your large items like cycling shoes, kits, helmets, etc. Also, there is an external quick access pocket for smaller items like sunglasses, cellular phones, and swimming goggles.

Like other best triathlon bags, the bag also features a wetsuit main compartment at the bottom. This is a waterproof compartment where you can keep your sweaty and wet stuff after the race and hard practice sessions.

The bag has an overall capacity of 40L, which is large enough to fulfill the needs of professional and recreational athletes. Moreover, this large bag with a spacious main compartment is also an ideal choice for everyday use and long-distance traveling.

Moreover, it is highly comfortable to wear and carry around even when fully loaded-thanks to its 0.5 inches thick back padding. The back panel is also made of breathable materials that let the air flow in and out, keeping your back hydrated and cool during the race and hot practice sessions.

Adjustable shoulder straps are also padded for added comfort and exceptional fit. They perfectly lean to the body, resulting in equal weight distribution and making the bag extremely comfortable to carry around over long distances.

The bag is an excellent choice for professional triathletes and sports enthusiasts who want to carry all their stuff in an organized and calculated way.

Moreover, it is very competitively priced and offers many exceptional features that we usually find inexpensive triathlon bags.


  • Inexpensive.
  • 40L huge capacity.
  • Comfortable to carry around.


  • No dividers in main storage.

Wrapping Up

All the triathlon bags reviewed in this article are of top quality and are specially engineered to meet the requirements of professional triathletes. These gear bags offer maximum customization and flexibility to organize your sports gear according to your preferences.

Our top three picks from the list are:

Before you make a final decision make sure that the bag meets your personal requirements. It is recommended to buy a bag with adjustable size and capacity so that you can mold it according to your varying needs.

When it comes to triathlons, your gear plays a crucial role in your performance. We’ve already covered the best triathlon bags to keep your equipment organized and easily transportable. But let’s not forget the importance of maintaining your swimming gear, especially those essential swim goggles. Check out our guide on Maintaining Your Swimming Gear to learn how to clean swimming goggles effectively, remove scratches, and prevent fogging.

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